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  1. will an htc vive work with a laptop that is a little bit better than the minnimun spec needed to run a vive
  2. so what is this just an April fools prank.
  3. a tutorial on how you setup your servers and how and what they run so anyone can understand.
  4. Iam curently using samba running on ubuntu as my nas i am looking for other posible options is there any software for ubuntu that might be better than samba?
  5. you should make the nas run samba on ubuntu that is very cost efectve and i think that it would work just fine i have the same kind of setup for my nas and it works very well!
  6. hey you should make a nas for this that runs ubuntu and samba that is a good idea for a cost efective nas.

  7. my question is that i hava a readeon 2900 that i want to make a video on but it runs agp8x and i ant to know if that is compatable with pci exspress or if i need and adapter or if i need to find a mother board for the slot. if you can reply with your thoughts or segustion that would be great Thanks