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  1. Midasik

    Need Help choosing RAM

    Would there even be a point of OC if it only slightly increase the fps?
  2. Midasik

    Need Help choosing RAM

    Well first of all i want to have a space for upgrade if i'll need 32g in a future before we switch to DDR 5
  3. Midasik

    Need Help choosing RAM

    I kinda agree with you but we're talking about low\,mid frequency which is now is pretty stable for most brands and i've checked that viper memory for my mobo and people say its pretty stable
  4. Midasik

    Need Help choosing RAM

    Then why not to go for the Viper 3400 since it has the same Cas timming ?
  5. Midasik

    Need Help choosing RAM

    I haven't even though about taking the higher frequency memory and turning it down, but then would be worth the $ ?
  6. Midasik

    Need Help choosing RAM

    I've checked that one too, now its just what's better 3000 at 15-15-15-35 or the 3200 at 16-18-18-38
  7. Midasik

    Need Help choosing RAM

    I know that my mobo can run 3600 like some of the trident Z since i was checking their web site for compatibility for my mobo im just not sure about the other brands
  8. Hey guys, i would like to ask you for a little advice on picking the RAM, so right now im running on 4x4 Corsair Vengeance at 2133 and 15-15-15-35 which I bought a long time ago. Since i upgraded my system to i7- 8700K and Evga Ftw 1080 and its all running on GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS PRO i was thinking to upgrade the RAM too. So i've been looking for 2x 8G and picked some out, so i would like your guys opinion and suggestions. - So first one is the G.SKILL TridentZ Series at 3000 and 15-15-15-35 for 158$ canadian - The second one is Patriot Viper 4 at 3400 and 16-18-18-36 for 180$ canadian There is a lot of options from 3000-3400 and different CAS timings, - I don't want to go over 3400, because even at 3600 im not sure that my Mobo would run it. - So guys im waiting for ur tips and suggestions on that
  9. What would you say about Asus Prime series? are they just okay and overpriced?
  10. -Hi everyone, i've just purchased i7-8700K and i need a new motherboard. I am planning to OC it to 5Ghz but not over that and i am using water cooling. -The real question is there a point of buying Z390 instead of Z370 if im not planning to go for 9th gen after? -Also i've noticed that there is alot of z370 that are out of stock or not available anymore and some of them are greatly overpriced. -Are Z390 in general better in vram and power delivery than Z370? - Don't want to spend $300+ for a mobo just want some advice on some good mobo's that can OC but are not too expensive, if you own a 8700K please share what mobo you have and how it treats you Thanks!