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  1. Its actually the 950F, the free sync version of it and its sitting at 750, so about extra 50 bucks
  2. Well i did buy a 2080 so i would perfer the G-Sync
  3. I have two monitors here that i could use some help and suggestion on which one is better, The Alienware has a price tag of 699 and the lg is 749 US.
  4. Rig Specs I7-4770k 16 gigs of DDR3 1600hz Ram Rtx 2080 Ultra XC Primary Display 2560×1440p VA panel 70hz. What I Like to Upgrade: I7-9700k 16gigs of DDR4 3200hz Ram OR Aliewnware Ultrawide LG 34 Ultra wide Acer 34 Predator Ultrawide I have enough money for one or the other and in all likely hood i would have to wait 1+ years before i can do another major component upgrade. Thoughts or suggestions? Cpu upgrade more important then a good monitor? Can my cpu still stick it out fir another year or 2? Which is the better Ultrawide? Will my wife kill me?
  5. It's a 379.99 card used on any other site
  6. Mods can you shut down this thread so I place in correct area
  7. Selling $250 bucks(dollars) shipping from my end, money up front can email photos of said card, still have box and cables came with it. Has about 19 months used can show you my oirginal purchase date. No scuffs, dents, marks or scratches. Like new.
  8. i usually just wack my gpu a few times on the table works like new
  9. Thank for your response, it seems to me that most folk would agree that for general use a high res choice would be good.
  10. correct. My main usage would simply for my gaming hobby. I do single player games but i do enjoy battlefield
  11. i can see that, its a heavy competition game
  12. got me a i7-4770k 24g of ram and fixing to thrown a 2080 in there
  13. ya know its funny i heard someting similar but that its about past 100hz where only a handful of people (like less then 10 percent) of the test group could accurately tell the difference
  14. hmmm interesting so if its a high pace game like battlefield you could theoretically have advantage with a high refresh panel.... the trade of course the higher resolution sooo many choices....