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  1. BostonBoston

    Server and Domain

    yep yep, good information, now ive heard rather than port forwarding for security reasons i can use an srv record instead?
  2. BostonBoston

    Server and Domain

    if i have [x] service running on x.x.x.x:xxxx and want node.hostname.com to allow me to connect to it rather than remembering the ip, like remote desktop, what do i do in that scenario
  3. BostonBoston

    Server and Domain

    If im using other services that run out of ports and are managed by me rather than a webserver how would i go about managing their direction
  4. BostonBoston

    Server and Domain

    i have done this already but in the DNS Records of my my domain what do i need to set
  5. BostonBoston

    Server and Domain

    I want to learn how to use DNS Records to point to thinks on my server, say i have a website running using IIS and just want some basic information on it and my server is running on internal ip 10.x.x.x and how to set a record to be info.hostname.com. or i have a service with internal ip x.x.x.x on port xxxx what do i need to do to have service.hostname.com to allow me to connect to it Windows server 2016, using dynu.com
  6. BostonBoston

    First Server, and domain

    Im going to be getting an older lenovo think station used as a server from a friend thats giving it to me in turn for setting up a plex server for him on it. Along with a plex server i want to set up an xmpp server, a mail server(going to mention a domain) and host a few occasional game servers as well as a plain storage server i can access from school on my laptop or remote into a virtual machine when i need more power than my lenovo t410. I was also thinking about buying a domain since i can get ones i like for around $6 a year, however since im doing this from home and have a dynamic public ip i recognize i need to use a DDNS, i was planing on using dyn.com but have never done anything with servers or domains apart from my MTA in server administration in high school. If i buy a domain from somewhere like domain.com how do i go about setting up the DDNS for it using dyndns? And if anyone can get me some useful information on SRV Records and how to set them up that would be great too. Server is a lenovo thinkstation, dont know the exact specs at the moment but i will be running Windows Server 2016.