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  1. xikerm61

    Ram Sweet spot

    ah that makes sense why you asked, yeah sadly tuning is not my strong point, thank you for your help Jurrunio
  2. xikerm61

    Ram Sweet spot

    Awesome, Thank you, everyone, for your help
  3. xikerm61

    Ram Sweet spot

    I just game but looking towards doing some youtube videos etc No, I don't that's kinda out of my knowledge base, so you're saying ram isn't really a big thing to consider towards overall performance? (i should have added more detail to my question sorry)
  4. Hey guys/girls, I recently got a little bit of dosh, I've picked out an i9 9900k (why not lol), bought the z390 MSI gaming plus this board supports up to 4400mhz, been looking around seeing what peoples verdicts on what ram speeds would be good some people say its pointless to go that high but no one has added if dual kits or quad kits benefits or where the sweet spot speeds are for the CPU are at, Linus mentions on an older video when 4266 ( i7 7700k model) was out but don't know if that still applies two generations later, just looking for best performance for my rig so later down the track I won't be wondering did I get the best speed and then have that ich everyday lol any help would be extremely appreciated also note not interested in amd
  5. xikerm61

    Does RAM speed REALLY matter?

    Still a bit confused, I'm getting i9 9900k thinking of getting 4400mhz ram what would be the sweet spot for the ram? would it vary between 4x4 kits or 2x8gb kits or 2x8gb kits etc my board is Msi z390 gaming plus