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  1. HungFL

    Stream LTX

    It's currently live, here is the schedule for today: UTC-04:00 14:30 - Welcome to LTX 2019 featuring DreamHack! w/Linus Tech Tips 15:00 - Best Processor to Pick in 2019 w/Austin Evans, Jayztwocents, Anthony 16:00 - PC Do's and Don'ts w/ Hardware Canucks, Level1Techs, Jake 17:00 - Industry Insights w/MSI 18:00 - Family Feud 19:00 - Running a YouTube Business - The Early Years w/ Linus Tech Tips, Strange Parts, EposVox 20:00 - WAN Show LIVE
  2. HungFL

    Stream LTX

    You guys convinced me, I subscribed, but nothing on live while LTX is going strong. Any schedule written somewhere hidden?
  3. HungFL

    Stream LTX

    Thanks guys! Floatplane for LTT has a 3$ base subscription, does that include streaming or is there another type of subscription that you only get to see after subscribing to the base? (I.E. How much do I need to pay to view the LTX stream?)
  4. HungFL

    Stream LTX

    Can't make it, but I still want to experience it. How can I watch it?
  5. I was looking to buy a used 20+ old amplifier, and stumbled upon some pictures. Some of them show the amplifer open and most of them have some very sleek designed heatsink. For example this Nikko Alpha 130, 200Wrms from the 70's. Since making a heatsink seems very difficult for Linus and his team, but they seem to have mastered making copper blocks. I would like to see a video of them trying to make the best looking heatsink design they can come up with old non-fonctioning amps. Wether it is for another passive electronic, PC or a RED 4K camera. Also, theses old amps were hand made, much easier to remove parts for electronic enthusiasts.