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  1. opienick

    No Display After changing parts and motherboard

    Yeah I tried it. It was super snug and tight fit. Converter is out for delivery right now so I’m going to mark this as solved. If it doesn’t work with the converter I’ll have to geeksquad it.
  2. opienick

    No Display After changing parts and motherboard

    My B85M only needed 4 pin. That’s why. I have another 4 pin but it doesn’t fit right.
  3. opienick

    No Display After changing parts and motherboard

    Okay update. I flipped them back, and there’s no flashy flashy on the debug lights, but I still don’t have display. Again, im sure it’s probably something to do with trying to redneck my cpu power right now, but I’m just double checking.
  4. opienick

    No Display After changing parts and motherboard

    Se, that’s what I thought! But once I flipped them the light went away. I’ll flip them back though because I thought that was right. Thanks for the input.
  5. Hello! I went from a B85M motherboard with an i7-4790K to a Z370 A-Pro and an i7-9700K. I’m going to admit right off the bat that I’m trying to redneck my computer right now. Rebuilt and hooked everything back up. Started it up, no display. CPU and RAM debugs we’re flashing like a 1-2, 1-2, type deal. Moved ram slots, they turned off when I pressed the power back on. Everything seems fine now because no debug lights are in and everything is lit up like it’s supposed to be. Now, the redneck part. I’m using a 4pin connect on an 8pin female right now for CPU power. I have the converter on the way. Is it not starting because of that or something else? Side note, my liquid cooler fan(H60) isn’t running. I tried switching to the two places I’d think it be, but I think it’s a side effect of the main problem. What slot should the fan be in? Why no display? Pictures included.
  6. https://amzn.to/2TrMSn0 Yeah I realized it was DDR3. What about this brand? Comes in a 16GB kit. And yes, I know how much I need quantity wise, just not sure at all about which kind. Example, should I pay to buy the Corsair instead of this brand, etc.
  7. Is this good or should I invest more money? It's going to be used for streaming and gaming
  8. I currently am using an i7-4790k with an ASUS B85M as the motherboard. On the way I have an i7-9700k and an MSI Z370-A PRO motherboard coming. I'm pretty sure I'm still on DDR3 memory from when I built this PC 4 years ago. Im literally clueless when it comes to RAM memory and stuff. Thanks.