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  1. I ran a complete virus scan found nothing, then reformatted only to still have the problem.
  2. I ran ping test through cmd and the results show something is going on, still no clue what to do.
  3. Hopefully this is the correct place to post this, but I'm having a problem I've never experienced. Any "new connection" I make while on my computer is met with an initial 1-2 minutes of very high ping or lag. So any new game of fortnite I enter, any time I enter a new discord server, any new lobby of any online game I go into I am met with 600+ ping for anywhere from 1-3 minutes. After that initial period of lag it is completely fine, literally never have any other ping or lag spikes. I really don't know what to do first to try to fix this problem, I've called my ISP and they seem clueless. I'm really unfamiliar with fixing internet problems typically so I don't even know what I should be trying to check, but this problem is extremely frustrating. Tried: Speedtesting while the "lag" was occuring, speeds seemed unchanged Virus scanning All drivers up to date Resetting modem/router multiple times ISP: Verizon Fios Speeds: 100mb/s down 100mb/s up RTX 2070 i7 6800k 16gb 2133mhz ram Gigabyte x99-sli motherboard Edit: After talking to ISP more they assure me there is nothing on there end causing this issue.
  4. While playing fortnite on the pc my game runs great until anywhere from 15-20 games in where my frames will go from a consistent 120-160 to literally 40-70 and will continue to decline in fps until I restart my game or even my pc on some occasions. I also noticed when this drop occurs my gpu usage drops from about 30% usage to 15% usage. My temperatures never appear to go abnormally high. My gpu drivers are up to date. I appreciate any help given. My specs are: RTX 2070 i7 6800k 4x4gb ddr4 2133mHz ram (corsair vengeance) 250gb SSD