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  1. AtlasEight

    $700 Gaming PC build?

    Oh cool! Thanks
  2. AtlasEight

    $700 Gaming PC build?

    I assume that these PCs in this thread would have a hard time streaming without some sort of upgrade?
  3. AtlasEight

    $700 Gaming PC build?

    Its a spare monitor at my dads place. Its 1080p... I dont know the refresh rate... The monitor is in another state so I cant get the refresh rate
  4. AtlasEight

    $700 Gaming PC build?

    I'm in the United States, I dont have a monitor but finding one wont be hard, and I have all my peripherals.
  5. AtlasEight

    $700 Gaming PC build?

    I would like to build a gaming PC that can run games like Rainbow Six Siege, GTA V, and simulation games like ATS and TSW without any problems. I'm open to ideas for either AMD or Intel but the budget is ~~$700 with $750 being the max. Is a PC possible in this price range or am I delusional? Feel free to reply with builds and suggestions. I would like to keep the components as high-grade/ new as possible that way I can get as long of use as possible with the budget I am working with. (USD,No monitor (can get one locally), have peripherals)