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  1. TheWhiteRose000

    Laughing at the new build

    Regardless, the thing is handling amazingly well considering everything I am doing with it.
  2. TheWhiteRose000

    Laughing at the new build

    Hello Linus forums, you ever heard the phrase if you haven't heard of it, well it's news to me! I spent the last ten years of my life in Norway in a pretty bad marriage with my wife and in that time I was stuck using an old ASUS X58 Sabertooth motherboard that had too many problems, not to mention the two SLI'd GTX590's (no I don't want to talk about those doorstops.) Well, long story short marriage falls to bits, I'm free! My parents are in trouble so I flew back to the states to help them and also get back into school and change my life around. But the quest for a new PC began because well, I want to study game design and development and so here we are! Building a brand new computer on a budget of whatever I can make at a Taco Bell (it's close by and they have grant money for school, despite having a degree as an IT consultant this is the best solution right now.) So here's the story so far. Now please bare in mind that as of right now, my desk is a very literal door and my families situation is so bad that I had to come back from Norway to help them so, working with what I got right now. Hell my monitor is a Samsung monitor from like six years ago, and the ram I am using is the old Kingston HyperX 1333mhz sticks I had from my first build. The case is a Rosewill ATX mid tower The graphics card is a Gigabyte RX570, a bit newer but it was a birthday gift from my father who wanted to help me when my RX480 burnt out that my friend in Norway gave me. I also wanted to do something a bit more special and I went and saved up for a ECM22 adapter from Silverstone and an Intel 660 strictly for gaming ""studying"" I don't have a box for the board or the CPU but I managed to pick up an Intel 4790k on Ebay for $190, and an MSI Gaming 6 motherboard from China that never got a serial number because it was the end of the products production run and so they just liquidated the sales of any extras nabbed it fro $170 and getting by on this entire system for a really cheap budget so far of $550 since my friend bought the computer case for me.
  3. TheWhiteRose000

    X8 X4 Crossfire 570

    Thanks everyone, your feedback has been really helpful. I think I'll do it, I plan on investing into a intel 660p for the m2 to run through the third pci 3.0 port to help maximize performance in conjunction with the two 570's
  4. TheWhiteRose000

    X8 X4 Crossfire 570

    I got a question, I am building a new system to keep me going a few more years using newer graphics cards but older parts. Will I get any stutter issues from a PCIE 3.0 Port running at X8, crossfired with a 4x port? I want to use the other 4x port for another M2 SSD to get the maximum speed. The board is a z97a gaming 6, and a Intel 4790k