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  1. backtoklondike

    Powerlan regularly disconnects.

    And my internet has nothing to do with this either. None of my family have any troubles with the internet being bad or nor do I see anything different with my wifi either. It's solely my powerlan that's the problem.
  2. backtoklondike

    Powerlan regularly disconnects.

    I already have the latest version of the firmware so that seems to not be the issue here
  3. backtoklondike

    Powerlan regularly disconnects.

    Nope I didn't nor did they ask me. But I'm going to try that.
  4. backtoklondike

    Powerlan regularly disconnects.

    I bought a Dlink Av-1000 powerlan two months ago and it has very odd connection issues. If my gaming PC that I've connected it too is turned on, it will dissconnect after a few hours. But if it's turned off and I connect it to my laptop or use my phone (it has a wifi extension too) it works. Now I have a method of temporally fixing it which is to turn off both units for a few hours and then connect them again. Then they work. Now I have been speaking with Dlinks support about this and they told me to get a replacement thinking it was a faulty unit so I did and it wasn't any different and I've been talking to them for over month now (they don't offer phone support in the EU) and haven't gotten any solutions to my problems yet so I decided to ask here if you guys might have a solution.