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  1. OK I stand Slightly corrected, It exists but it will be another 5-10 years before you will be able to buy one second hand. Nimbus and other manufactures of the same ilk do not make their products available to the consumer market they instead deal directly with System builders and Integrators as they are buying in bulk and have the cash to spend on extremely expensive edge case products. to the OP, you keep inferring that shooting/capturing in 8k will provide you a competitive advantage with out much if any real reasoning behind it. you keep talking about wanting your stream to look the best it can for your viewers but your not thinking about how your viewers watch the content. I may be mistaken but LTT does not put the final product out in 8K they only release it in 4K. while Yes they shoot with 8K red cine cameras they do that so they can re frame the shot as needed to cut down on how many takes they do not because 8K is best K. LTT publishes all its content at 4K and they have not indicated if they will ever go over that but even then they have on the record stated that most content is still consumed at 1080p. The things that will work to your advantage is having engaging content with clean audio video quality is a second tier priority and by the time you are ready to hit the top tier of streaming encoding formats and standards will have changed again and any advice you got from even 2 years ago will be bad advice at that point.
  2. 100 tb ssd dont actully exist. You have either found a scam drive or the sight has a typo.
  3. StarTech makes a couple of Firewire Cards and it should be compatible with 10 but double check on your own. and if you have firewire 800 it is backwards compatible with firewire 400. This is a firewire 400 card.
  4. Because HDMI is normally not a directional cable only one end will be grounded but it doesnt matter if it is the reciving end or the sending end. If both ends are grounded it can cause a ground loop and cause its own interference.
  5. The problem with cleaning it up in YouTube studio is that it has to be online already and then it will stillbtake someone double too triple the program length to fix it where the digital anarchy solution is faster. I have not had the budget to try it out but all the reviews and demos make it seem like its a good option for production companoes that can't spend an extra day waiting for some one like Rev.com to make a caption file. A couple of side benifits for accurate Closed Captions is that they are used by screen reading software to help people with visual issues and while maybe not usefull on youtube but may be usefull on float plane is that CC in srt or other plain text formats can help with search engine optimization and other search functions.
  6. Being someone who works with closed captioning regularly this is something that can be done very easily in an Adobe Premiere workflow as Digital Anarchy has a plug in and CC that then uses IBM's Watson recognition. this is the plugin for LMG staff. and no im not a rep for digital Anarchy CC Encoding is part of my day job.
  7. The Sound Blaster Audiology will probably be able to push more powerful headphones the G6 has the best signal to noise ratio and is one of the newer models from soundblaster and then the g7 and Dynamodes are kinda the bare minimum usable product. the Audiology is just an older product that is still being made but really the G6 is the best option of the ones you posted.
  8. To be honest the more i think about this and look at the product page the more i feel the only redeaming part of this product is the rgb lights. The 15 foot cable costs as much as a 150 foot non rgb fiberoptic cable the certification is from a no name cert lab that doesnt explain their cert in any technical significant manner.
  9. the HDMI standard sets the "Deep Color" standards all that matters is if the cable is actually capable of passing 18Gig of data. Going to Sites like Markertek or B&H Photo Video, both of which are providers of equipment to AV Professionals while not RGB this cable is from a brand I have lots of experience with and has been a major player in the install and live event AV field for longer than I have been alive.
  10. Twitch is going to set what you will stream at based on their max output rez. If your not affiliated i know they capped the output rez at 720p to your viewers a year or two ago. so dont get too caught up on 8k streaming right now the bitrate and as such your file size will be determined by what twitch or which ever your streaming platform you use will allow. Streaming at 8k is going to be bandwidth intensive but how intensive will deoend on the codec that your streaming platform will allow. H.256 will let you run at a lower data rate for similar quality to h264 and vp9 or if 10 happens will also have lower than h264 bitrate for quality. But this all dependa on your platform as its more important that you push to the platform in the format that they dont re-encode.
  11. From a professional live event AV perspective this isnt new but its honestly a waste to use in these cable lengths. HDMI in its 1.4 and up standard can easily transmit up to 50 feet. In live event and instal AV fiber optic HDMI converters and cables are used for runs 35 feet up to 1000 feet. The cost for a high end 50 foot copper HDMI cable that can handle emi in all but the worst situations is still cheaper than the the price listed for the 50 foot cable. The rgb benifit that Linus talked about can be acomplished by just putting a lable on each end of the HDMI cable.
  12. I have a couple of Canon A1, T1, and AE1 that are all probably about the same age. I used to have a 1950's Kodak movie camera but recently sent that off to salvation army.
  13. any card that can capture 1080p should be able to Drop down to natively capture 1080i. this is not a situation where a capture card will only capture one format or the other its more often that they are stating which format is the max it can capture.
  14. so Lapel mics connected to a mixer would be your best option a good lapel mic will not pickup clothes rustling as long as you pay just some minor attention to where you clip it. if your stationary you can get a small Sony ECM 44b for 150 a shure mx 150 for about 200 or something similar, these are pro level mics and they are the entry point for good Lavs. now for your motorcycle i would check out boom mics that can slip over your ear. I have no experience but the entry point for pro/live event mics in this area are Countrymen, Shure with Sennheiser being the Step up from there. The main reason people have transitioned over to boom mics is that for some people it helps give their voice some added depth or they just needed the most versatile solution they could get. Versatile does not mean best just does lots of things acceptably.
  15. if they can do Cloud you can normal hook into the output over the network and use any security cam software. Foscam R2 or R4 support this along with control over the network via your software if you set it up right or log in to the specific webcam.