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  1. Its a soft mic level and your other devices need something closer to line level. The battery is only to provide phantom power and not amplifi the mic.
  2. A HEOS or Sono's system is what your looking for.
  3. Thanatopsis

    Lighting question

    honestly the kits are fine, On the dimming issue dont worry about it, while it will happen because the fixtures are in reflective boxes with a defusion front you dont get 4 hard lights that come out of the light you get a general glow. for the price if you are handy you could make your own led light kit for the same money by using strip LED's with a 95+ CRI rating there are a bunch of good videos on it.
  4. Thanatopsis

    Where can I learn about camcorders?

    In your situation a black magic pocket cinema 4k camera may be a good option. It has good loe light preformance and lets tou record directly to ssd for inexpensive storage.
  5. Thanatopsis

    Where can I learn about camcorders?

    so are you trying to start a Youtube channel or is this just for personal use/family use. if its personal or family just use your cellphone as its good enough and you always have it with you and if its in a situation that your would be uncomfortable using a cellphone pick up a gopro or clone of a gopro. If you are looking for cameras to use on Youtube or the like there are resources all over the place depending on what end of content you want to make.
  6. Thanatopsis

    Small studio in own house

    for nine cameras there is no cheap solution, You will be looking at a Black magic or a panasonic video switcher, Cameras that support SDI out and an audio mixer going into a proper mixer. A 9 camera setup is EXPENSIVE, Hell most Network TV Stations only run 3-5 Cameras per studio setup. a 9 camera setup is definitely doable but just expect that you will have to spend at least 1200 or more on each camera multiple thousands of dollars on a video switcher. There is no cheap solution for capture/switching. You will either build a dedicated PC to do the switching and capture which means you will have to make a threadripper or x99 based system to have the PCI lanes to support all the capture cards you will need, or you have to buy a Profesional Video Switcher which is going to start around $3.5-$4K as the starting point for the amount of inputs you are looking for. The audio end of things is actually going to be the cheapest option as you can get one of a few Mixers that let you treat them like Audio interfaces if your using a PC as your switching option, or if you are just using a pc as the capture/streaming option then you can go all the way down to some really inexpensive mixers like Mackies old analog line of mixers. Off the top of my head based off of builds i have done for work, at 9 cameras there is no way i could price the full system build out for less than $10K. I mention this not to tell you not to do a home studio but instead focus on what you are really trying to do with your home studio and think about how to make it work with only as many cameras as absolutely necessary.
  7. Thanatopsis

    Aperture problem FD 50mm 1.4

    Have you replaced the battery? Also when you rotate the aptiture ring does it feel sticky or mushy? These are roughly 50+ year old lenses so if you havent taken it in to get serviced it could be dust or mildew affecting its function.
  8. Make a timeline preset in Premiere and then drop each file into its own timeline using the preset. Select all of the timelines and then go to file export media, and Premiere will then let you export them as a batch with what ever settings you want including as MP4 files directly through Media Encoder.
  9. Thanatopsis

    8 mm tapes converted to DVD and digital

    8mm film was never run at 30fps in home movie cameras and is already considered and there are pull down options if the devices record at 30fp but there is a 24fps 720P frame rate that is common. Home 8mm equates to ruffly SD in resolution Quality when talking about the common Film types run through home Cameras of the era. While yes you could run 8mm through a Cinetel or something similar and get higher quality scans its limited by the quality of the emulsion and Glass of the original cameras. High speed Film has more grain and less detail due to the larger size of the emulsion grains along with this even a Cinetel is still at the end of the day just running light through the film onto an imager its just a higher end imager that they use. That being said It may be cheeper to send the film off to be commercially scanned on a higher quality system than buying your own but that is a question of how many 8mm reels you need to have scanned and the quality you are expecting out of it. That is from Panavision or ArriFlex talking about 35mm film which is definitly true for those formats its also true that by the time that a 35mm film made it to final projection the effective quality in a european movie theater on average was just 800 vertical lines of effective resolution. These LPI/VL equivalent numbers ware irrelevant/unimportant for anyone other than the camera manufacturers and film manufacturers as the end resolution is not important in regard to visual enjoyment with how analog/traditional movie projection worked you simply got to enjoy the movie how the theater projected it and that was it. In a modern context its important only in understanding how much you will be able to blow up a film if you are using the best quality lenses on a properly setup modern camera.
  10. Thanatopsis

    Camera Recommendation for Work?

    @extraCrispy I would agree that the BMPCC 4K is a great camera (Im an owner of one ) but its really not a good entry point for what the OP suggested, Its Auto focus is almost nonexistent and slow at that. It has some amazing set of options for Cinematic use but its not a good option for corporate use and its not that cheep once you factor in things like needing fast media and having to buy lenses just to get started using it.
  11. Thanatopsis

    Camera Recommendation for Work?

    We use these JVC cameras to record break out rooms at conferences and while they can be a little challenging to focus when they are as wide as they get they are otherwise decent cameras that give you XLR inputs so you can mic up the speakers how ever you want. Getting a good mic like a Sony wired lav or Shure/Sennheiser wireless mics will help deal with the drone as that is something no camera is going to be able to help with.
  12. Thanatopsis

    8 mm tapes converted to DVD and digital

    If you are in the United states then one of these are what you want, I work for a company that used to do this back when VHS and DVD's were the delivery method, You can definitely setup an 8mm projector and scan that way but that can induce its own set of problems.
  13. Thanatopsis

    Fixing No Sound With Netflix Dolby via PCM

    Then Yeah your out of luck and either need to switch to stereo or get a Dolby DTS ceritfied device. PCM does not solve any Dolby issues, PCM can be embedded in a lot of wrappers and in the case of stuff like Dolby's licensed formats it will require a Dolby decoder.
  14. I have not done a deep dive on Premiere's back end in a while but historically H264 is not offloaded to the GPU cores for rendering, its offloaded the the strongest h264 encoder/decoder in the system whether thats the Nvidia Nvec subsystem, AMD's equivalent or Intels all depends on software optimization inside Premiere and hardware in your system.
  15. the files will be different using any modern format as they all use Key frames in some way shape or form. that being said there are some older formats that don't use key frames but they were rare.