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  1. TheAsel

    Smoking SSD and HDD power cables

    Mainly PcPartPicker, Amazon and had a good experience with Seasonic in the past. I'll be more careful next time. Ok I'll check those and return the one I bought, thanks!
  2. TheAsel

    Smoking SSD and HDD power cables

    Yes, that is the correct price. I have an i5 4690, MSI GTX 970, 8 GB DDR3 of RAM and an MSI H97 PC Mate Motherboard. I'll look into your suggested power supplies, but is the one I bought really that bad? Just curious! Thanks for your time by the way, really appreciate it!
  3. TheAsel

    Smoking SSD and HDD power cables

    It had good reviews and was cheap, I couldn't afford to pay more for a new one. I think I'm the one at fault here, not the power supply. But still, if you have any advice for a better PSU for around the same price I can still return this one (ordered from amazon.it), thanks! At least I've learned my lesson and from now on I'll always replace the old cables
  4. TheAsel

    Smoking SSD and HDD power cables

    Unfortunately not. Yeah I don't know what I was thinking, I was in a rush and I didn't even think about replacing the old cables with the new ones. I did however change all the other power cables (PCI-E, MOBO, CPU) before turning it on this morning (exept the disk ones obviously...). I don't see any damage on the PCBs or connectors of the other components, hopefully those are safe. What's inside them it's not worth the cost for sure, just a bit annoying to lose. I was thinking about taking the power connectors from another disk and replace the broken ones to at least try to backup the files, is it possible or just a dumb idea?
  5. TheAsel

    Smoking SSD and HDD power cables

    Yeah I was dumb for not thinking to replace the old cables with the new ones. I'll try to use a spare HDD with the new cables to see if that's the issue. Otherwise I don't know what it could be. Thanks for the replies!
  6. Hi, first time posting here and not a native speaker, I hope I'm doing everything right. This is my problem: Three days ago when I turned on my computer that I built almost 4 years ago (never had any problems) it shut off and it smelled like burnt plastic. I disassembled everything and found the source of the smell to come from the power supply (Corsair RM550) so I ordered a new one (Seasonic M12II-520 Evo). It arrived yesterday so I connected back all the cables to the new power supply, tried to turn it back on but it still wasn't working, the fans spun for maybe a second and then it would shut off. I tried disconnecting all the unnecessary parts such as the graphics card and left the bare minumum but nothing changed. Fast forward to today: I double checked all the cables and connections and tried once again turning it on. I see smoke coming from the disks so I immediately turn off the power supply and disconnect the cables. From the image below you can see that the SSD power connector (the one on top) is a bit molten while the HDD (the one on the bottom) was mostly ok, just a little molten plastic that I removed. The other HDD I had in my system doesn't look damaged. So my questions are: What is causing the issue? My first idea was the power cable connecting the disks to the power supply since I didn't replace it with the new ones that came with the new power supply. Can I recover the data from the disks? There isn't anything really important in them but the SSD was my primary driver with the OS and some files I'd like to recover if possible (music library, photos, save files). If it's useful to know I live in Italy. If you need any more informations/photos feel free to ask. Any help is greatly appreciated!