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  1. ok, I see, I'll do the upgrade, I'll try to get the Corsair, if not I think I'll get the B1 450 instead. Again thank you so much for the help, and solving my questions. much appreciated.
  2. I like the corsair and I could get the extra money, now two things, first: Is it worth the upgrade between the ones I asked in the post and the corsair/ B1 450 ?, in terms of perfomance/ reliability (I mean, I don't have high end parts but I do use my pc around 5-7 hours per day aprox) Second, in terms of noise, can you tell the difference between the corsair and the B1 450 ?, where can I see how many dB each one makes under load ? Thank you so much for the help, kind of new in this.
  3. I used a power caculator and I got 277 W ( I also have a disc reader and another fan)
  4. I checked before posting, I didn't found the Thermaltake one, and the EVGA was basically in th trash category but I still have the doubt.
  5. As I said I'm from Colombia, there aren't many options here, so mostly the ones in this website ( Is like Ebay from Latam) https://www.mercadolibre.com.co/ , most of the posts are only in spanish and prices are in COP ( 1 USD = 3000 COP). Thank you for your help !
  6. what PSU would you recommend in that price and power range (40-50 usd/400W) ??
  7. The thing is that I need to change it, the one I have right now doesn't even have a brand,Makes a lot of nice and lately heats up more than I like. With the EVGA or the Thermaltake, I would get silent fans and would solve the heating problem.
  8. mmm ok, besides that, which one is better ?
  9. Hi, first post, I bought my PC from a retailer almost 4 years ago (quite old), and now I'm planning to change my PSU, because the fan is starting to make a lot of noise (More than usual),is a generic chinese PSU (Kind of trash, I really need to change it). My budget is something along 40- 50 Usd and my build needs 300W. I looked for a PSU suitable for this budget, and now I have a doubt between a Thermaltake smart 430w 80plus White or an EVGA 400 W. I have read some reviews and these two doesn't seem to be the greatest PSU's, but for the options I've seen in the stores that fit my budget are "good" (I'm from Colombia and here tech things tend to be more expensive and some brands like coolermaster or seasonic are very very hard to get.) Also my build Is an Intel i5 446, nvidia geforce gt710, 8 gb ram ddr3, HDD 7200 rpm. TL DR: I need a good and cheap 400 W PSU, what should I buy between a Thermaltake smart 430w 80plus White or an EVGA 400 W. ??