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  1. JustExaUst

    My GTX 1050ti is stuttering

    I mean I cant really afford ddr4 ram as that is still pretty expensive for how much money I get from a year (bday and christmas together is like £200-250 at most and I literally sold a ps4 to get the money for a new card so Im stuck on fortnite for a bit) and I bought an i5-3340 for £25 with the stock cooler so I cant complain, anyways I found out wjat happend, somehow messing around with the parts in my case triggered my old AMD drivers that werent fully uninstalled so I was getting eh 120-140 fps at moston all low in fnite now I used ddu and I can happily say Im running at 140-180 at all times so Im glad its sorted, just annoying that i searched everywhere and wasted time when that literally has never happened to anyone else it also makes sense why my GPU would cap out at 75% usage at most. Sorry for the long ass replies its just how I roll lmao
  2. JustExaUst

    My GTX 1050ti is stuttering

    honestly the last time I checked SSD prices was like 2 years ago when SSD's used to cost like £40-60 for like 200gb, I checked yesterday for one and then I saw one for £20 so yes I'm going to upgrade to an SSD but I can't right now cause I'm looking for a LGA 1155 mobo for bargain prices as I wanted to upgrade from my shitty FX for cheap without having to sell it and not have a computer for 2 weeks.
  3. JustExaUst

    My GTX 1050ti is stuttering

    Never stolen money from my mom don't plan to, I'm not like that
  4. JustExaUst

    My GTX 1050ti is stuttering

    imagine if all 14 year olds could get SSD's at a click of a finger... oh wait
  5. JustExaUst

    My GTX 1050ti is stuttering

    my C drive always runs at 100% and my e and d run at 0 most of the time
  6. JustExaUst

    My GTX 1050ti is stuttering

    Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P
  7. JustExaUst

    My GTX 1050ti is stuttering

    So I bought the 1050ti about a week ago and it worked fine for about 3-4 days until I changed around my HDD's to a different sata slot as there was one sata cable that literally was plugged into nothing and ever since then I've been having stuttering in every game but mainly Fortnite sometimes freezing for 1-10 seconds making the game at times unplayable. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the latest drivers and done the same for fortnite. I just dont get why this stuttering has come on before I get asked I installed it properly so no shocks possible, may not have the best specs: FX-6300 @3.7ghz 8gb RAM @ 1866mhz gigabyte 1050ti 700w psu Still I dont understand how it was running fine for 3-4 days any help would be very appreciated its been an annoying few days to say the least