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  1. Wuush

    Age of components

    Hmm well i only just replaced it about 6 months or so ago. I will dedust tonight and see if that helps. I do know that i'm gonna be upgrading my 970 card soon as well regardless
  2. Wuush

    Age of components

    Ah ok. I don't have any Thermal on hand but i'm gonna do a full dedusting to see if that works first. I do know that the back exhaust fan has issues where is just doesn't spin sometimes as well so i wouldn't be surprised if the heat is an issue as well.
  3. Wuush

    Age of components

    Ok I will try that out tonight. About how long should thermal paste last though? I remember replacing mine now but it was about over a few months ago.
  4. Hey all! Very new to the forums here (actually made this account for this post) and this is probably a question you get a lot. But i built my PC about 5 years ago. My question in short is can the age of my CPU, graphics card ect effect the performance? I feel as thought lately my entire rig has been lagging. I used to be able to stream and watch youtube videos while playing games and now playing a youtube video while playing a low intensity game like League of Legends i get frame drop and freezes. I have very basic knowledge outside of general IT work (not so much with higher tech stuff) If this isn't the right place to post let me know so i can fix it