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  1. sparkmane_

    Overclocked my graphics card..

    Thanks for the help
  2. sparkmane_

    Overclocked my graphics card..

    How would I do so?
  3. sparkmane_

    Overclocked my graphics card..

    I already did. I said what happened when i restarted my computer in the post. The monitor doesn’t get a signal
  4. sparkmane_

    Overclocked my graphics card..

    I downloaded msi afterburner after a friend told me do so and I was messing with it and after I loaded up GTA V the screen when black. when i restarted the monitor gets no signal, but I can tell the GPU is on because the LED on it is on. I have a 570 8gb. Any solutions?
  5. sparkmane_

    Found an old hard drive

    I found an old 2tb HDD earlier and I was wondering if I could put it into my system that is already made. The drive, from what I remember, has windows 8 on it and many, many old files I used to have. Would i be safe to put it in my pc as it is?
  6. The two sticks (2x8) I bought were specifically said to be 3000 but the bios says they are running at 2400. Any reason why is says so?
  7. sparkmane_

    Cpu temps on new PC

    Thank you! I appreciate the help
  8. sparkmane_

    Cpu temps on new PC

    I have the Ryzen 1600 and I’m cooling it with the cooler that came with it. (Idk what it’s called) thanks. The room temp is around 74-75 F
  9. I just finished building my first PC and I am checking the idle temps in the BIOS and it says it is 40C. Should I be concerned?
  10. sparkmane_

    I'm building a pc

    Thank you all for the help
  11. sparkmane_

    I'm building a pc

    I have a budget of around $500. I do graphic design, watch shows and streams, and I do some gaming from time to time. When I do play games I'd like to get around 60fps+.(I play at 1080p) The games I play the most are GTAV and CSGO. I already have all of my peripherals bought and I am not near a Micro Center. (I'm in the US) . I also don't mind playing at low settings if I have too.
  12. sparkmane_

    PC build recommendations

    Wow that looks amazing. Thank you!
  13. sparkmane_

    PC build recommendations

    Thanks a lot, do you have a link to the eBay selling Windows? And I’m aiming to build a smaller pc, what case should I get instead of that one?
  14. I made a pc part picker list and I was wondering if it was too over kill, just right, or too under powered for what I want. I’m looking at playing games at 1080p 60fps. I play games such as fortnite and GTA V and I’m looking to play RDR2 on the pc when it comes out. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/DzkrbX thanks for the help.