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  1. Wizzardoz

    Ram compatibility

    For Crosshair VII, any recommendations for DDR4 3200Mhx BUT in 2 x 16Gb modules please? Non RGB is preferable.
  2. Wizzardoz

    Need a decent graphics card

    Will be using the system for some video editing, browsing and photos & home movies. What card would be suitable please on a Ryzen 2700X with 16Gb DDR4 3200Mhz?
  3. Wizzardoz

    Need a decent graphics card

    Budget is $200-$250. I want a decent card so that I do not regret a cheaper buy and regret it.
  4. Wizzardoz

    Which M.2 for Crosshair VII?

    Looking at Samsung 970 Evo 1Tb M.2-2280 or Intel 660P for this board. It will hold windows 10. Would not hold photos and videos on it but run other programs off it. Price wise, is it better choice for intel 2Tb than 1Tb 970 pro (also for future proofing).
  5. For Crosshair VII, should I go for:Corshair Vengiance LPX1. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/product/...2gx4m2b3200c16 orG.Skill Ripjaws V series.2. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/product/...43200c16d32gvkI need 2 x 16Gb (32Gb) BUT want to avoid RGB ones if I can.
  6. For a newbie, can you please explain "tighter memory" and tRFC?
  7. Wizzardoz

    2200 or 3000Mhz memory?

    I appreciate your views. So, which is better to go with: 2 x 8Gb 3200 CL14 or 2 x 16Gb 3200 CL16 Home Video editing is not necessarily the full time requirement. The plan is to convert various home videos into edited final versions with music, speech added.
  8. Main use of the PC will be home video editing , browsing and general use. Will I be better of with DDR4 2 x 16Gb 2200Mhz or 2 x 8Gb 3000Mhz memory please? Will CL make a great deal of noticeable difference? May overclock and use for games later on. Based on Ryzen 2700X / Crosshair VII.
  9. I have seen articles / videos about inverting the motherboard tray in this case (using a CPU liquid cooler). My questions are: 1. Why invert (other than make room at top for the cooler)? 2. If I am using air cooler, do I need to invert?
  10. Need to purchase good quality DDR4 memory. From what I gather, are memory prices likely to fall further?
  11. Wizzardoz

    Where do I connect?

    It is a few years since I last built a PC. Am puzzled with the PSU and Asus Crosshair VII Hero Motherboard connections to Corsair RM750i PSU. I can see where the 24pin connection goes from MB to PSU but not sure about the 8 pin / 4pin connections on the MB. Using Ryzen 2700X CPU, do I need the 8+4 connections and where does the other end go on the PSU please?
  12. Wizzardoz

    Where do I connect?

    Guys I have been away (no access to internet). Apologies for being naive, do I just use the EATX12V_1 and ignore the EATX12V_2 connector?
  13. Planning to build on:Dark base pro 900 Rev. 2 CaseASUS Crosshair VII Hero X470 MotherboardRysen 2700x CPU The system will be for Home video editing, browsing and general use.What will be a good air cooled non-stock CPU fan?
  14. Wizzardoz

    Non-stock fan for Ryzen 2700X in Full Tower

    Thanks but not sure if it is AM4 compatible? Just asking as Amazon uk does not mention AM4.
  15. Wizzardoz

    Non-stock fan for Ryzen 2700X in Full Tower

    Mostly Amazon in UK. Budget is around £1,500ish ($1,900). Not decided on memory but need 2 x 8Gb @ 32Mhz. Video card - considering Sapphire - Radeon RX 590 8 GB NITRO+.