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  1. Need to purchase good quality DDR4 memory. From what I gather, are memory prices likely to fall further?
  2. I have seen articles / videos about inverting the motherboard tray in this case (using a CPU liquid cooler). My questions are: 1. Why invert (other than make room at top for the cooler)? 2. If I am using air cooler, do I need to invert?
  3. Wizzardoz

    Where do I connect?

    Guys I have been away (no access to internet). Apologies for being naive, do I just use the EATX12V_1 and ignore the EATX12V_2 connector?
  4. Wizzardoz

    Non-stock fan for Ryzen 2700X in Full Tower

    Thanks but not sure if it is AM4 compatible? Just asking as Amazon uk does not mention AM4.
  5. Wizzardoz

    Non-stock fan for Ryzen 2700X in Full Tower

    Mostly Amazon in UK. Budget is around £1,500ish ($1,900). Not decided on memory but need 2 x 8Gb @ 32Mhz. Video card - considering Sapphire - Radeon RX 590 8 GB NITRO+.
  6. Planning to build on:Dark base pro 900 Rev. 2 CaseASUS Crosshair VII Hero X470 MotherboardRysen 2700x CPU The system will be for Home video editing, browsing and general use.What will be a good air cooled non-stock CPU fan?
  7. Wizzardoz

    Where do I connect?

    It is a few years since I last built a PC. Am puzzled with the PSU and Asus Crosshair VII Hero Motherboard connections to Corsair RM750i PSU. I can see where the 24pin connection goes from MB to PSU but not sure about the 8 pin / 4pin connections on the MB. Using Ryzen 2700X CPU, do I need the 8+4 connections and where does the other end go on the PSU please?