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  1. Yesterday when I tried to connect my headphones I noticed that they were removed from saved devices. I had to pair them again. All my other earphones also were unpaired. I'm wondering what could've caused this.
  2. I wouldnt say forever since my previous pc had the option to switch them.
  3. on my old computer I was able to have my speaker connected on the back and headphones on the front and just switch between them, but now i have to disconnect my headphones if i want to use my speakers. any help is appreciated, thanks. specs: 3700x 2070s b450 msi carbon pro ac 32gb ram seasonic gold+ psu
  4. Not interested in the 5700xt I.e.sold out everywhere and the one I want is 510€
  5. Ventus: 532€ Founders Edition: 539€
  6. nvm got it working. how do i delete this?
  7. Didn't see it as needed. Mostly msi mobos has a flash bios option for am4 sockets, and I was talking about in general. Regardless, I got it to work.
  8. do i have to remove my 3700x to flash the bios, or can i do it with it still on the socket? also, to flash the bios, i just need to copy and paste the contents of the zip file i got from the msi website and that is it?
  9. I was thinking the same thing. It's only 26 euros more for double the size. It seems pretty good to me. Was just looking for some opinions.
  10. I ordered the Corsair rgb pro vengeance 16gb (2x 8 3200mhz for 94€, but the next day while browsing Amazon I found some vengeance lpx 32gb (x2 16) 3000mhz for 120€. For 26 euros I can get double the size with a bit less frequency. Worth it?
  11. Are there any recent charts comparing the 2080 to the vII after their drive updates?