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  1. How is that a problem? I have changed GPUs many times before on other PCs without any issues how is now any different?
  2. uhhhh no. Do I have to? I have like 1tb of data I can't just offload
  3. CPU: Ryzen 3700x MOBO: x470 Asus Prime Pro Ram: Corsair Vengeance RGB 16GB 3200 GPU: RX 5700 XT Red Devil Power supply: RM 750x corsair CPU Cooler: H100i platinum PC is about a month and a half old, GPU is new literally got it today.
  4. So just today I finally got my PowerColor Red Devil 5700xt and I DDU'd my old RX470's drivers from my pc and installed the 5700 XT drivers 19.7.5 Somehow I am actually getting lower FPS on all my games, I can't even reach past 35 on any game (that I currently play) at any setting high or low. I have no idea what it is, I have tried downloading it again, removing it and re downloading? Could it be a chord problem? I am using displayport and I can see and actually do stuff. I just have no idea what I did wrong. I have updated the Chipset bios, but not motherboard BIOS although that doesn't have too much to do with my current issue. Help!
  5. nononononononoono. I unplugged everything and used corsair's modular cables. I had been told that by a friend, yea that could have made things much worse.
  6. So a couple days ago I found that the RM750x from Corsair was on sale. I had been having horrible coil whine from my Coolermaster 650w power supply so I thought why not replace it. It came in the mail yesterday and I took my pc unplugged everything and plugged in the new power supply. There was a flash of light and some noise and nothing happened. I double checked the Manual and everything to make sure I did everything properly and everything was in place. I tried it again and the same thing happened. Flash of light and nothing. Then I unplugged everything and plugged in my old power supply (the Coolermaster one) and turned it on. Nothing. I have already talked to Corsair support and I have filed a damage claim (I still have warranty of every item although im not sure that it covers a faulty power supply) It will be a little bit before I am able to ship it to them. Is there any way to diagnose what is broken and what is not? At this point I don't really know what to do. Should I just hang tight, ship it and wait. Or is there any way to find what could possibly be broken/not broken?
  7. Thanks guys! Ill see what I can do and maybe update ya. Its gonna take a bit because I need my next paycheck, but besides that I should be all set!
  8. Power supply, CPU, motherboard. Literally all I want to do is add my own GPU.
  9. To be totally honest, not really. I just don't know what to look/pair with what I have. Especially with the case options.
  10. I have a PC right now, but want to upgrade it. It is an old Origin PC which I have kept through the years. Soon I am going to be moving to a college dorm and won't have space for the full size case. What I am looking for is a prebuild PC without the GPU or storage so that I can just take them from my old PC and put them in my new one. However, all the pre build sites don't allow you to just not select one. So I don't really know what to do. On top of that I want to upgrade to a new Motherboard & CPU and maybe grab some DDR4 ram while im at it.