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  1. Installing the 770 and running the same test gave the same result. Microstuttering and hitching. I am at a lose i have tried about everything i could think of to do.
  2. I already tried that. Three times haha. What i will do is revert down to a 770 and see if the problem is still there. I already tried a 1060 and still had the issue i am wondering if it is a 10x and 20x driver related issue. I will come back with my findings and let you know.
  3. Im not sure if windows is the issue. He has windows 10 and i have windows 7 with almost the exact same build and we are having the same problems. I have pretty much scoured the internet looking for a solution. I have even used every single pre existing driver avaliable to no avail.
  4. I have the same exact issue upgraded from a 980TI with an 8700 to a 2080 ti and now i cant even hold stable fps in any game. Very annoying micro stutter and what seems to be frame skipping every few seconds. I have been searching for days for a fix and have not found one yet! i7 8700 Evga 2080ti z370 AORUS gaming 5 Samsung 970 evo Evga supernova G2 Windows 7 pro
  5. I cannot figure out whats going on. In any game i get stuttering and lag. I have tried to reformat, update gpu drivers, backstep to older drivers, update bios, changing the hz on my monitor, tried windows 10 and 7 both. Nothing helps! Temps are fine there is no thermal throttle on any hardware. I am at a lose as to what is going on here any help would be greatly appreciated. i7 8700 evga 2080ti 16g ddr4 3000hz windows 7 sp1 samsung 970 evo samsung C32JG5x 144hz evga 1000 G2 PSU cpuz.txt