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  1. Yxbibi

    TR4 Mobo & CPU Issue?

    Hey turns out I'm an idiot that forgot how quad channel works. Changed the RAM slots and we're good.
  2. Yxbibi

    TR4 Mobo & CPU Issue?

    So, I've got a new build I've been working on, specs are: AMD Threadripper 2920x Gigabyte Aorus Pro X399 Mobo MSI RTX 2080 Ventus 8G (2x8) 16GB DDR4-2666 RAM (don't have enough for quad channel on a quad channel mobo but that shouldn't be the issue) 500gb Crucial M.2 NVMe 256gb m.2 nvme 3TB Seagate HDD When I power on, I get a post code of 16 and then it goes through some other codes and back to 16 on a loop. The CPU LED is red immediately, and the fans all spin up but nothing really happens. I get nothing on the monitor, but the keyboard does light up. Any ideas?