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  1. Edit: Just found out that the Motherboard sensor that shows me high temps in HWINFO64 is wrong. I installed msi command center and this shows me the real temps. Still got the problem that my cpu is running to hot with my noctua cooler. I don't know if i want to much but i was hoping for better temps with that cooler.
  2. The CPU is overclocked @1.275v but it gets the same temps with standard clock. Seems like the only problem is the motherboard getting so hot tho.
  3. My is room is arround 22C. I'm suprised that it gets hot with my noctua cooler. If it would be the standard amd cooler it would be fine but not with the noctua cooler imo. Yea, seems like my motherboard is getting super hot but even when i have my pc all open the motherboard temps don't change at all.
  4. Hey, my cpu is suddenly running to hot with the Noctua NH-U12S SE. When i start Prime95 it gets around 75C(Mainboard get that temp too if thats improtant) The Idle temp is around 36C. 75C is ofc not to hot for that CPU but i think i should get better results with the Noctua cooler. I tried putting new thermal paste but no difference. The CPU is overclocked but it gets the same temps with standard clock. I don't know much about Motherboard temps but could it that the cpu gets so hot because of the hot Motherboard? Thanks for the help
  5. Yea, maybe i'll find out what causes me the problem. Maybe when i get the freezed GPU Tweak Monitor working the other stuff works too. Thanks for all your help tho xd
  6. @Necrocomputing It works when i press restart on windows but when i press shut down and press the power button on my pc it doesn't work anymore lol.
  7. I have it like this just for testing to see if it works. I don't have that temperature control thing tho.
  8. Just for the test i did it that they always spin. Wierd is that even when i have the option checked to start GPU Tweak and Montior minimized, GPU Tweak monitor just don't care and starts not minimized but still freezed and after some clicks the monitor prozess has a error and need to be closed.
  9. Sadly not. As soon as i restart the pc the fan curve is still active but the fans are not spinning at all. This is really wierd
  10. @Necrocomputing Thanks for the tips. The other problem is that the GPU Tweak monitor is completely freezed after i start the programm. Do you know what could cause this?
  11. Umm, I installed GPU Tweak II now but i have a problem with the custom fan curve. It worked just fine when i first started it but after a PC restart it just doesn't work anymore. When i want to make a new curve again it just doesn't work at all. Only setting the fan curve to manual works anymore. The GPUTweak monitor doesn't seem to work aswell. It crashes all the time and it seems like the stats that it shows are frozen. I just completely fresh installed windows and i only have the chipset driver and the gpu driver installed.
  12. Alright, will it try out then because i don't get anything else to work. Thank you
  13. Thanks, will try it out. How is the overclocking in GPU Tweak? Does everything work? I am just curious because i heard alot of bad things about GPU Tweak
  14. Thanks for the reply. I already tried GPU Tweak but i don't like it at all. Does it work good for you?
  15. I actually wanted to buy the air boost but my BENQ XL2411T doesn't support DP sadly. I already tried tried Speedfan but i cant get it to work. Maybe i will try again tho