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  1. I was interested in web design and that does make sense. I could have the best screen but if the viewer has a crappie one there not going to notice it.
  2. Ok. Thank you. I will be going to school for graphic design and was looking at laptops. Saw they had different RGB percentages and didn't know if I could fix them.
  3. I wasn't sure if you buy a screen with 50% sRGB and Adobe RGB and you calibrate it will it change it to 100% or does it change something else. Thanks.
  4. I'm going to go to school for graphic design and I am interested in web design. Not looking to do video editing. I was looking at the $1,500 acer conceptd 3 ezel but it has the i5-10300H. Wasn't sure if 4 cores was good enough for graphic design. Also for the same price I could get the conceptd 3 and that has a i7-9750H but it can't be folded. Thanks.
  5. My Samsung micro 32gb EVO SD card is not showing up on my phone anymore (Galaxy s8 plus). At first it would say connect the SD card and I would go into my storage and it would be there but I couldn't use it. So I restarted my phone a couple of times then it worked. But a couple days after that it just stopped showing up. So I got a new samaung 128gb EVO to see if I could transfer the files from my computer but the old card doesn't show up on my computer either. The card is 6 years old so wasn't sure if I could try something or is it just dead. Thanks.
  6. I can find a used 1080 ti for around $550 but wasn't sure if it was worth the risk. Have you bought used before?
  7. If you run at 1440p 144hz and get 60fps out of the game will the picture look bad. I'm coming from console so I wanted to get at least 60fps. I don't need 144fps.
  8. Wasn't sure if I wanted to take the risk buying a used GPU.