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  1. I built a new system because unfortunately my old one got fried. Here are the parts this new build is working with: Ryzen 2700x Crucial Ballistix 4x4gb ram sticks ASUS B350 PLUS MOBO EVGA 970 BRAND NEW SEAGATE BARRACUDA 2TB HARD DRIVE This build has been a nightmare but I thought I finally had it under control, but alas. I believed it was my graphics card that was causing this of all things because the fans stopped spinning up and wouldnt spin up until I hit 70C and they would run incredibly sluggish, when I manually fixed that with MSI afterburner my disk usage dropped from 100% to a reasonable level. That puzzled me but I assumed the broken card could be messing with the disk somehow. I sent in my 970 for an RMA and plugged in a friends 770. Same issue except the fans actually spin this time. So something was wrong with my old graphics card but it was not causing the disk usage to be stuck at 100%. With the 770 in I open up MSI afterburner and BOOM the hard drive usage goes back down. It still spikes to 100 a lot but without it open it is at 100% constantly. I have tried using different RAM sticks and even bought a new hard drive but nothing is working. What could be causing this and how do I fix it? To me its puzzling how MSI afterburner seems to affect it. I have noticed the two processes taking up the most of the disk are "System Interrupts" and "System Idle Process". Could this be a windows problem? Any feedback or help would be great thank you.