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  1. I am against apple, but i need to say, you are making a good point and youve my interest. maybe i will buy one, but first i will wait if someone says another one. You are right. Im just looking from the outside in, so im just thinking about the eco system. I wasnt really thinking about the mac alone.
  2. Yea the touch and upgradability are nice to have, but doesnt need to be. Ah Ok now i understand what you meant. I will edit my original post, so that its clearer.
  3. As said in my original post, ik that a mbp would fit my needs, but i dont like the apple eco system. Thats why im in search of a windows machine thats capable of doing nearly the same things.
  4. 2k to 2.5k, max 3k (Swiss Francs, Euros, Dollars) Thx will look into that How do you mean they contradict each other? I understand i cant get the same battery life if i take one with a 1440p display in comaprison to a Full HD one. But else i think it would fit. But yea i know it isnt cheap.
  5. Hello together Im in search for a laptop i can use all day long. That includes: - Youtube - Webbrowsing - Programming Ive tried searching, but there are to many different models out there and Laptops arent my world, PCs are. My need to haves are: - Good keyboard - Good Battery life (respectivly to the spec of the laptop) - 1440p - 16GB Ram - 6 Cores (8 cores if the laptop doesnt overheat) - 15 Inch screen - SSD (no HHDs, Only SATA and M.2 SSDs) Nice to haves (If not to expensive, dont need to be, just an added bonus) - Touch - 4k Screen - 8 Cores or more - 17 inch screen - modular ( upgradable ram, SSD) - grafics chip - Fingerprint reader - Windows Hello I know that a mac would fit some of my needs, but im really not into that ecosystem. Im also willing to shillout more money for looks. Im really not into all that grey or glossy black, but i love matte black, or flashy colors. I really dont care if its Intel or AMD based, as long as it runs smoothly. Thank you for your help Joel
  6. Hello everyone In this summer I will go to an University to study computer sience and for that i would like to have a new Laptop. Until now I was rocking an Surface Book with an i5 and 8GB of ram. I really enjoyied to keyboard and the the aspect ratio of the screen. I was planning on buying an Surface Laptop 3 13 inch with maxed out specs, but i saw that it "only" had 4 Cores which had a max clock of 3.9Ghz. Now I mostly program on my pc so I never had a bottleneck for anything. The first 3 semesters i will learn the basics of informatics. The programming language which my uni uses is kotlin. In those 3 semesters I alse would like to take some courses on game dev. After those 3 semesters I need to chose a direction, which would be Cyber Security. About 50% of study time are projects so I probably will programm a lot. I would like to keep this Laptop at least for my uni time (so 3 years). I really dont think that the surface Laptop will be powerful enough for those tasks. In conclusion, I'm in search of a Laptop that will survive some years of programming with a nice keyboard, good battery life, good display and good track pad. Before i forget, no Macs. Thank you very much for your help. -Joel
  7. Hey Guys My old Sennheiser Game Zero Headphones are starting to break so i think its time to change them. Now i dont know much about Headphones so i need some of your help to find a new pair. So these are the points about the headphones should have: - Wireless (wired is an option to) - If wired some headphones that use an amp would be nice (and with that an suitable amp would be nice to know) - Doesnt need to have a mic as i've an external mic - Still usable for gaming, mostly for csgo - budget (for the headphones alone without amp) is about 500$. That you very much for your help.
  8. Hy guys Yesterday i build a H100i into my pc. Well now after finished it and wanted to start it, the only thing i got was code 00. In the handbook it states thats its not used. If im not wrong it shows code 00 at startup as the first step. If cleared the cmos, started the pc with minimal buildy with only the cpu and nothing works. Could i try something else or do i jave a dead component?
  9. Uff ok. Yea i think that concludes. I will make a sick AMD build with NVIDIA GPUs. Thanks for that short and informative post.
  10. So Intel really doesnt have any edge anymore? Thats sad. But ok i can still wait a moment and budget isnt very important. Thanks for your info Edit: @Ryan_Vickers "If you can read this you're using the wrong theme. You can change it at the bottom" -> Thank you for that XD. Was searching for a dark mode
  11. Hy Guys Ive a small question.. ATM ive pretty powerfull rig which i want to updgrade or even downgrade. Current components: i9-7980xe Prime Deluxe X299 32GB of DDR4 4000MHZ Ram and since some months only one GTX 1080Ti Well now im pretty sure i want to upgrade to two 2080tis and i also want to do a motherboard upgrade. Now my question is should i keep to CPU or should i buy an i9-9900k. I mostly use my pc for programming, Gaming and video Edition with premiere pro. Now an other point is that i want to make an server for me( own website hosting for test websites and so on). So for the server i could use my rig which ive now. What do you guys think. Should i keep my rig and just upgrade motherboard and gpus or should i make a totally new one? Thanks and Greetings Joel Edit: For those which say i should look into ryzen, I like to overclock my cpus. Ive heard that ryzen had some problem overclocking so please just keep that in mind.
  12. Thank you very much for all this recommenadtions. I just have a last question. What do you mean by readuced battery life? Is it enought for one day or do i need to recharge after 4-5 hours?
  13. A pen would be nice but its not necessary. (same with the pen support) Im open to everything as long its not to heavy
  14. Hey If you mean the shops we shop in here they are: https://www.digitec.ch/ https://www.steg-electronics.ch/de/ https://www.mediamarkt.ch/de/ if meant something else please say what you meant. Thx
  15. Hey Thank you for your questions. Im from Switzerland. The budget is open, so no limitations. Usage is day to day for school work and nearly every day for my "real" work. Near all day battery life would be nice if possible. Weight should be something light, but doesnt need to be as light as an lg gram but it also doesnt need to be like a Asus Mothership (or however this beast is called). Something which is portable but powerfull to is nice. Like i said USB-C is a must if its no a surface product. I have a surface dock at home so i can connect everything there. Touch screen is a must. I just cant think it away after using it with the surface book. One thing i forgot is that i should have min. 4 Cores if not 6 or 8. Last but not least, thx for that info about the keyboard i will go try that out when i have some recommendations. Thanks to all helping me!! Joel aka Rocksta
  16. Hy Before everyone starts writing: "There is alredy a topic discussing this". Yes i saw it. But still i dont know more. I need help from you guys. In the moment i have a surface book (the original one) with on i5, 8GB of ram and a 256GB SSD. It worked fine for word and for Youtube, but now ive started to work part time and use mostly Altium. But while designin ive started to encounter some stutter. After these year of working with this laptop, ive need to buy a new one. If you have read until now here are my need to haves: - Min 16GB of ram - Min 500gb of storage - USB-C !!! (if its a surface product it doesnt need to have it) - Very good keyboard (nearly surface level) - touch screen (if possible with 4k) - maybe an embedded grafics card for some games. - 15 inch screen. Thank you for helping. If you have a question i will try to reply as fast as possible. Greetings Joel aka Rocksta P.s.s Im sorry if i wrote something wrong, english is not my primary laguage.