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  1. Buy an iPhone if you want security, but keep your Pixel for everything else.
  2. With this kind of mindset, there isn't a single phone manufacturer left that isn't an enemy. They are all copying each other, and ultimately going the same route - at first they've taken away an option of having a moderately-sized screen, then they've taken away the headphone jack, then there were display notches everywhere, and every manufacturer has dabbled in this.
  3. Unless this is sarcasm, Linus covered it already - Intel does indeed do this with their ICC compiler, and even discloses it in the docs, although the doc is hidden behind a couple of links on hard-to-navigate pages, a bunch of scrolling, and obscure wording. There's also a good article about this on SemiAccurate.
  4. There's also an economic argument to be made. Why get a more powerful processor when a less powerful one is already more than enough? I just don't see why I should be spending significantly more money on all that power when it won't make my life substantially better - there is no way I can benefit significantly from this increase.
  5. Then I'm pretty sure I'll get performance similar to that of an existing 65w chip because... Well, physics? Besides, getting a powerful chip to then continue to nerf it just doesn't sound like an intelligent move to me. There is target audience for those processors, I'm just not a part of it.
  6. I need a 65 watt chip, and I don't need that many cores for what I do, so 3700X is more than enough for me. (I'd rather get a better graphics card because Resolve really loves CUDA cores, apparently)
  7. I'm liking the news today. I feel like for my workload, a 65w 8-core Zen 2 processor is plenty powerful, so I won't be waiting for Zen 3, but it's still good to see them push the industry forward quicker than everyone could expect.
  8. Noticeable delay is the delay that noticeably affects gameplay, not the delay you can notice by going through a recording frame by frame (I called it not noticeable because I didn't notice it when playing) In my experience, a couple games are slightly difficult to play remotely - Battlefield 4 and Forza Horizon 4, the rest (at least the ones I've tried) actually feel really good.
  9. I can stream games from my shoddy home PC to my nearly 8 year old ThinkPad over 4G without a noticeable delay when I'm half a city away - without any monthly fees. Google has zero excuses for screwing stuff up that badly and charging money for it.
  10. This looks a bit sketchy. Either the person is staring at one point without moving their eyes or head at all, or the "brain recording" is fabricated in its entirety. Besides, the feed doesn't always correspond with the image shown.
  11. Chester died for their sins, and this is how they treat his legacy?
  12. HD2 was amazing, it's still my favourite phone even now. It's sad to see them finally give up, although they haven't done anything good in a long while, so it was to be expected.
  13. This looks like a response to what Parsec has been doing for months now with its "Parties" feature. I mean, it's nice that Valve is doing that, but Parsec for some reason just works better than Valve's streaming, and it works for every app, not just Steam games.