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  1. Crimson Deity

    OS not booting after installing new GPU

    i updated the BIOS too, also didn't work. If i try booting with UEFI it will freeze on Intel's Splash screen with code EB
  2. Crimson Deity

    OS not booting after installing new GPU

    That's what i was afraid of u_u Thanks for the reply!
  3. My computer specs: CPU: Intel i7 2600 @ 3.4 GB RAM: 3x 4 GB DDR3 @ 1333 mhz Mobo: Intel Extreme Series DP67BG Storage: 1x SSD - 2x HDD GPU: GTX 750 Ti FTW (EVGA) PSI: Corsair CX 750W I bought a new gpu, an RX Vega 56 Air Boost OC 8 GB. I did what you would all recommend, restarted into safe mode, launched DDU and cleaned and shutdown the pc. Swapped GPU's and it got stuck in Intel's splash screen with code EB, it wouldn't even let me get into the BIOS. Swapped back to my GTX (because that one keeps letting me boot), Restarted the CMOS by removing the battery, the power cord, and all of that. Also got in the BIOS and loaded default config just in case, saved and exit. Swapped GPU's again. This time it didn't get stuck into Intel's splash screen, it gets stuck right after that. Exactly right before it starts loading windows. All I get is a black screen and a "0" at the bottom right of the screen. I thought it wasn't booting from the SSD so i went for a selective boot and manually selected the SSD. With that, it gets stuck with the boot menu and a "0" at the bottom right (yes, it just appears). I tried using the other PCIe slot, updating the BIOS (which is still pretty old - 2012), plugging different cables for the power connectors and made completely sure everything was well connected to the motherboard. I'm at a loss. What can i do? i'd appreciate any help.