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  1. right now i have the newest version of the drivers for my red dragon rx 580 if that is the drivers you mean
  2. funny thing i ran that memtestCL and it says over 50 failed random block iteration failures yet hwinfo is showing no errors at all
  3. so which stress should i run while looking at hwinfo to watch for errors?
  4. yeah prolly not a good idea to use LM on it then since it could migrate to the pcb after all
  5. havent done that yet and figured if i was gonna open it up might as well maybe replace the fans lol. What thermal paste you suggest
  6. oh its not dropping clocks at all i have it stable at 1480mhz on the gpu and 8800mhz on the ram and even on a super maxes stress test on it was 78c i was just wanting to drop the temps
  7. I want to replace the fans in my card with a better cooling solution but since this card will be going into a air cooled only pc i cant do the whole waterblock way. Does anyone know the exact fan sizes and what would be a good replacement to lower temperatures while the card is overclocked and under full load?
  8. actually the 100 games are just my own i do have multiple pc's in the house with multiple users and such so in total there is prolly 250+ different games etc over the time and multiple people with steam accounts etc thus the reason for a steam server cache
  9. oh i understand that but i have like prolly 100 steam games and i do rotate ones i feel like playing at the time that is why i was thinking of a steam cache etc
  10. I am going to be creating a home server NAS as a steam server cache to install games from when i need them to free up space on the gaming pc when not playing them. I h ave a old pc that uses ddr3 and a 3.0ghz intel processor. Will i have any problems and can anyone help me in setting this up
  11. I am wanting to run kodi to my tv for streaming using the integrated gpu and game on my pc with the deicated graphics card but dont know if possible to do so with both in full screen without it causing a issue on one or the other. Any help would be appreciated
  12. I am going to be building a custom water loop in a define r6 coming up once the new ryzen 3000's come out. I plan on the crosshair series board with a mono block and a rtx 2060 asus strix with a ek water block as well. If i use a 280mm rad at front with intake setup on fans and 280 at top for exhaust what should i do to make sure of positive air pressure. Should i make the back into a intake or an intake at the bottom or what options are there as i want to mitigate dust issues as much as possible. If anyone h as any other suggestions i am open to them as with the define r6 it can support 360 front, 420 top, 280 bottom and i think 140 rear that shouldnt need them all with rads as that will complicate and dirty up the loop
  13. ok that makes sense hope a uncensored version or such gets loaded on floatplane since i just started on there
  14. ok if the livestreaming is starting at 830pm but your roast is starting at 7pm i guess all of us watching it here will be missing some juicy parts
  15. Sorry havent been back on to check this recently. I am thinking 2 rads one on front for intake and 1 on top for exhaust in a single custom loops just trying to decide if i want the res/pump together or separate units