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  1. jlk

    Lots of stutter on my pc

    it reaches 90 while on medium settings and running google chrome on the second monitor
  2. jlk

    Lots of stutter on my pc

    Do i need to uninstall my games on my hard drive and download them on my ssd and can i move windows on my ssd for faster boot times also i noticed on some games my cpu being at 90% does that matter?
  3. jlk

    Lots of stutter on my pc

    my disk was at 100% sometimes while not on a game so do i need a new hard drive or get an ssd? also do i have to instal the games on an ssd
  4. jlk

    Lots of stutter on my pc

    I have been getting stutter on games like h1z1 and other battle royales and I am keen to fix it. specs cpu:i3-8100 gpu:gtx-1050ti power supply:450w RAM: 2x 4GB 2400mhz 6.21usable hard-drive:1tb 7200rpm can anyone help me fix my stutter