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  1. JessC

    File Security Issue

    1. Folder Security 2. User settings
  2. JessC

    File Security Issue

    That's what I did. In the shared folder, the security group named Administrators (this is a builtin group created from ADDS) is added. Then the user is also a member of Administrators group
  3. JessC

    File Security Issue

    Hi all, In my virtual lab, I created a shared folder in a DC using windows server 2016. Setup is like: 1. Shared folder. Security = Administrators 2.User Account (user 1) Member of = Administrators as I understand, user 1 should be able to access the shared folder because Administrators (builtin group) is added to the folder while user 1 is member of Administrators. But when I access the file, it says no permission What is the mistake of this setup? TIA
  4. JessC

    Windows Client Secondary DNS

    Server 1 and 2 are domain controller and also a dfs server.
  5. I have a concern about secondary dns. Scenario : We have 2 domain controller in our domain environment using 2 physical server. Now we want to configure DFS replication using the physical server for our file share for fault tolerance purpose. Everything's working fine except this: Client PC will access the file from namespace: \\ourdomain.local\namespace\Network_Share The issue is when I tried to disconnect server 1 from the network, there's noticeable delay when accessing the file share from client pc. Settings: Server 1 IP : Primary DNS : Server 2 IP: P-DNS: S-DNS: Client PC IP: P-DNS: S-DNS: I'm not sure but I think the reason of the delay is that client pc is trying to contact primary DNS first and after number of tries, it goes to secondary DNS server. IF it is the reason, is it possible to shorten the number of tries for it to refer to secondary DNS ? PS. this is done in virtualbox for testing but soon will be implemented in live server. Thanks in advance.
  6. JessC

    VirtualBox ping guest to guest

    I did try to disable it. Anyway it worked with Nat Network Adapter settings. I just don't understand why it doesn't work with host-only adapter when both VM is using the same adapter.
  7. JessC

    VirtualBox ping guest to guest

    I'm using windows server 2016 for both os. and use the vm1's Ip as dns because I installed active directory on vm1
  8. Hi, I have an issue with virtual box. I can't ping from my guest to another guest os. But I can ping the gateway from both guest Network Adapter virtual host adapter = VM1 Network: Host-only adapter IP : Gateway: Ping = success Ping = unreachable VM2 Network: Host-only adapter IP : Gateway: Ping = success Ping = unreachable Host: Ping = success Ping = success Ping = success I already allow File and Printer Sharing firewall rule in both vm.
  9. Let me correct myself sir. We will be using SAS Drive for the array. Is there any difference if H330 will be used for the array.?
  10. JessC

    DFS Replication with Dropbox

    Because, we also have employees that accessing the files using dropbox. Mostly used by team leaders that are offsite. Our setup is like, Team members work files are saved to our server then team leaders check their work from dropbox.
  11. Hi guys, We were planning to add 1 more server for fault tolerance. Currently we only have one server operating and all our files are sync to dropbox. Upon adding the second server we will do dfs replication to sync our files in case 1 server dies. Is it possible to point the dropbox in to the dfs replication to sync files in server 2 if server 1 dies, or is it possible to link dropbox to server 2 while being linked to server 1.
  12. Hi Experts, We're planning of creating a raid 5 array in our Dell Poweredge R530 using the PERC H330 controller that comes with the server. We will use 3 X 4TB SATA for the array, but I have come across few forums that the H330 is bad idea for a parity raid array since the controller do not have cache and the performance of the array is quite slow. What should be the best option for us in this situation? windows server software raid or H330 controller? Thanks in advance.