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  1. Wulb4ri

    Is this combi any good?

    what ram would you suggest. i am not on a strict budged ..but when i have to buy a new PCU ..the cheaper the better
  2. Wulb4ri

    Is this combi any good?

    yea i know, but crucial says on their websaid that the ram and MB are 100% compatible. and i found other users who claim is is running fine https://eu.crucial.com/eur/en/b450m-pro4/CT13353238
  3. Wulb4ri

    Is this combi any good?

    yea..okey good..but what about the rest ?
  4. i have an 1060 3gb...dont recommend it... i ran out out of vram every time go for an 6 gb version or rx580!!!
  5. Wulb4ri

    Is this combi any good?

    the rest of the build is okay ?
  6. Wulb4ri

    Is this combi any good?

    in the tierlist you send me it is considered as tier B ? for me, this is good enogh :'D and it still got decent ratings in tests
  7. Wulb4ri

    Is this combi any good?

    thermaltake smart 600 watt
  8. Hi guys, I want to "upgrade my computer". I have a gtx 1060, a case and 600watt (80plus) powersupply lying around and i want to build a computer. motherboard: Asrock B450m pro4 cpu: ryzen 5 2600 memory: Ballistix Sport LT BLS2K8G4D30BESBK 16GB (8GB x2) DDR4, 3000 MT/s i need the computer mostly for productivity and light gaming (but modern titels) any good?
  9. what ram do you have ?
  10. Gigabyte B450 Aorus would that be a fitting choice for a mATX ? I don't really plan on overclocking (but of course if i change my mind it would be great to have) Ballistix Sport DDR4, 3000 MT/s, PC4-24000 for ram ?
  11. Austria right know i have a mini ATX but the case can hold ATX motherboards
  12. what ram would be good or what should i look out for besides good bandwidth( i know ryzen is hungry in that regard)
  13. Hi guys, I am planning to get a new motherboard and processor because i still have the amd 6300 series. I want a ryzen 5 2600 (for a little bit gaming and productivity) but i am not sure for what motherboard and ram(deffinetly 16gb) i should go for. i am a college student so i am a little bit on a budged but i dont want to get a complete sh!tty motherboard. Can you help me out? (PS: European)