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  1. Idiot211

    Case suggestions for EATX mobo

    30.5cm x 27.1cm to be specific, or 12" by 10.7" if my conversion skills are correct. I have a define R5 for my current/old build, and while I do like it, what sets apart some of the other choices on the list is the 4x USB 3.0 on the front. I'm also less a fan of the design of it, it's functional and wonderful, but better airflow and design can be achieved with other cases. I do appreciate the suggestion as they are mighty fine cases.
  2. Idiot211

    Case suggestions for EATX mobo

    I did see that and I'm willing to pick the 500M over the 500P mesh for the styling even with the price increase... Although if I had to shave costs anywhere that'd be the first thing to change.
  3. Idiot211

    Case suggestions for EATX mobo

    Thanks for the reply @TVwazhere I just binged a bunch of the GN reviews for cases and saw that review and was surprised! Haha. I still haven't decided on a case but at the moment the CM H500M is asking questions, as is the Lian-Li O11 Air (w/o dust filters)
  4. Idiot211

    Case suggestions for EATX mobo

    My bad @Syntaxvgm Appreciate the input again. At the moment the plan is to have the PC sit on the desk rather than in a slot or under it. Hence why taller is less of an issue than wider. But I might be willing to put up with the Lian-li just because it seems so well designed.
  5. Idiot211

    Case suggestions for EATX mobo

    Don’t sweat not spotting it. This is one hell of a good list we have here. A few of these I’ve just missed like the Lion-Li air case. Right now I think it might be between the Lion-Li, the classic CM and the Fractal. Some more research and this could be fun haha.
  6. Idiot211

    Case suggestions for EATX mobo

    Appreciate the speedy response! I’ve seen the Meshify banded around a few times and did like it. But I had a slight concern that throwing two GPUs in there would just packed in a little tight... The others are, a sight to behold... haha. I am looking for something that does fit on the desk a bit better than the carbide, and has some half way decent looks... Might measure it all up for the Meshify and see how I feel.
  7. Hey all, Just finishing up planning a build which is going to use an EATX board with a dual GPU setup. Currently looking at cases and having a hard time deciding what case to use for the setup. The setup is going to be primarily air cooled as I don’t have the experience to build a custom loop and I don’t see the advantage of an AIO to a large air CPU cooler. (Feel free to change my mind on this ) With that in mind, has anyone got a suggestion for a good case that would fit all of this nicely with good airflow for cooling? Many thanks!