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  1. Knight77

    What is the difference between 60 and 144 hlz?

    Damn, I don’t know what to say if you can’t see the difference between 60, 144 and 240. 60 is so choppy and slow it’s unreal. But, you can’t tell the difference so it’s hard for you to comprehend just how much better 120-144/240 is. Nvidia did a interesting report and basically data gathered showed the smoother/higher the FPS - the better people did ...
  2. Knight77

    i7 9700k + rtx 2080 ti what display

  3. Knight77

    i7 9700k + rtx 2080 ti what display

    ASUS PG27UQ if that’s too expensive then: ASUS PG279Q.
  4. So 50GB/sec is fine otherwise? I’m looking to get the 4K 144Hz Monitor so wanted to make sure I can make full use of the bandwidth of the Ti’s.
  5. I thought that 2x 2080 Ti in NVLink with bridge would have 100GB bandwidth, as stated by Nvidia. How, the ASUS NVLink has specs down as only half that at 50GB? https://www.asus.com/Graphics-Cards-Accessories/ROG-NVLINK/
  6. Knight77

    Overclocking With Dual GPUs in NVLink?

    Ok, thanks, so by default, the Overclock will just go to both cards. And try and keep them below 60C - Water cooling the cards should help right?
  7. At what point does the current i9-9900K start thermal throttling? what are it’s “normal” or “optimal” temperature range?
  8. Knight77

    Overclocking With Dual GPUs in NVLink?

    Ah ok, so whatever Overclock I apply, applies to both cards? This would mean fine tuning the Overclock so that it works for both cards? as one card may go slightly higher than the other? And also, what temp does it thermal throttle?
  9. If you are running 2x RTX Ti’s and you use MSI Afterburner to Overclock, Does it recognise and Overclock both cards? Also, with some air cooled cards having 1815 MHz and 4,400 MHz for core and memory, what would be regarded as a safe Overclock for Water Cooled cards?
  10. Knight77

    Is it worth it to go Ultrawide?

    Everyone’s different. I can easily tell the difference between 120 and 240. Its the fact that the monitor is also 1440p as I find 1080p not good enough. And low response time is always better and provides a clearer image. All in all, within the gaming use, it will definitely have a difference for me.
  11. Knight77

    Is it worth it to go Ultrawide?

    I’m waiting for the Lenovo Legion Y27gq - that’s my ultimate monitor that I will keep for a few years. 1440p 240Hz 0.5ms Response Time G-Sync 90-95% DCI-P3 Colour Should release this month. I paid £1,000 for the AlienWare ($1,300 USD) and this should also come in at £1,000. I was waiting for the ASUS PG35VQ (1440p UltraWide with 200Hz) however that’s been delayed so many times, now rumours suggest September to October 2019. Even though I have the money (around £2-2,500) - I no longer have the patience. Plus, it can’t do 200Hz with full HDR. So I will get the Lenevo, enjoy the 1440p and 240Hz and wait until DisplayPort 1.5 makes its way onto the market. But this is at least 1-2 years way with products coming to the market. My dream monitor would of course be: 1440p 240Hz HDR 1,000 (OLED/IPS) 4K 240Hz HDR 1,000 (in 2-3 years time) and then the same for UltraWides. That way, UltraWides are an equal choice to 16:9s but the 16:9s currently are superior with the higher refresh rate and better response times.
  12. Knight77

    Is it worth it to go Ultrawide?

    I’ve had the AlienWare you mention for about a week now and I have to say, I miss my 144Hz of the PG279Q. The 120Hz is nice but the drop was noticeable and I was looking to go to the new 1440p 240Hz anyway. Plus, I find the UW aspect a little distracting too. Im probably one of the few who prefer and will be going back to 16:9 at the end of the month. Although it is a very nice, solid monitor with good quality visuals.
  13. So will it always be the case of instability when it comes to frame times? What if the games are SLI compatible?
  14. I’ve read mixed reviews when it comes to running 2080 Ti’s in NVLink in that it causes frame times to be become unstable or too varied - which induce visible stutters and micro-freezing within games? Has anyone got a NVLink setup and have any experiences with this? i am looking to run a few competitive games at a high res - maybe 4K 144 or on the upcoming 2K 240Hz Panel and so was looking at Dual 2080 Ti’s however I want to clarify people’s real world experiences. Ive seen benchmarks where the frame time is very low and the spikes to 50ms or so before coming way back down. Of course the last thing you want in Competitive games would be micro-stutters.
  15. I just want the factory standard 3200MHz that the sticks do. Again, the two kits are these: https://www.corsair.com/uk/en/Categories/Products/Memory/Vengeance-PRO-RGB-Black/p/CMW16GX4M2C3200C16 I bought a pair and then last week I bought another pair. But then read that I could lose performance by having 4 instead of 2.