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  1. you don’t have to, theres 1440p 240Hz too.
  2. DisplayPort 2.0 is scheduled to be on products at the end of 2020. I was looking to get a PG35VQ but the tech just isn’t right in that screen so next gen version will probably be the one. considering the PG27UQ got a update very quick, the VQ could be the same.
  3. The TV can do 4K 120Hz. I don’t get why you decide to make a issue of that. Devices not existing yet is not the fault of the TV or LG. Doesn’t stop it being capable of it.
  4. That’s like saying a 1440p Monitor can’t do 144Hz unless it’s via DP because it has old HDMI limited to 60Hz. Same principle here. The TV can do 4K 120Hz.
  5. Appreciate the review, might bite the bullet and get one.
  6. I’ve owned a C6 to C9. Never had an issue even with long gaming sessions because the screen does change often enough. Loading Screens, when you die, when you check scoreboard, matchmaking lobby - etc. All my games have a static UI but this is easily managed and not and issue. This is not strictly true. It can do 4K at 120Hz but it needs HDMI 2.1. So at the moment it’s limited but should next gen include HDMI 2.1 then it will be able to do this.
  7. Which 1440p 144Hz display cost £1,200 last year? Because I bought the best around that time for £650.
  8. Don’t know if you can find it within your budget but for me, the best gaming IPS 144Hz monitor is the ASUS PG279Q.
  9. The safest screen tech when it comes to out the box is OLED but sadly this is limited in the monitor space. Everything else is a downgrade, except perhaps sheer brightness, but when it comes to quality as mentioned above, you have to play the lottery and hope you get a good one. Going for a model that’s known to be “higher quality” is a good place to start - a lot of the times, it is the fact that you pay for what you get.
  10. Since I’ve had Laser Eye Surgery, they are better than 20/20 and around 24-26 per eye. Therefore I’m lucky I don’t have that issue. The point I was trying to raise was smaller screen, sit a bit closer. Bigger screen and I like to back up more to be able to get the screen into my viewing space. Therefore I prefer the 27” size and 4K has really good PPI at this size and so when I’m closer to it, the detail can be seen in games. UltraWides I tried once with the 120Hz 1440p AlienWare and to me, it was overload! Just way too much screen stretched out - perhaps it was the surgery but it seemed to fatigue and just be overwhelming. No issues with 16:9 all the way to 65”. But yeah, I’ve read people have had issues with 4K at 27” but I personally didn’t.
  11. 32” 4K 144Hz screens are due to be released early to middle of next year. They are definitely coming, it’s just 27” is the preferred size for a lot of gamers and where the market is. 32” would be a little much for gaming especially when your sitting closer on a desk - I mean, I have to back off my 27” quite a bit as it is!
  12. In the PC space? This thing is the best: https://www.apple.com/uk/pro-display-xdr/
  13. Meh, they get away with it because they will argue it’s still good enough, like HDR 400/600/800 But spot the difference: