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    Kinda Dead Motherboard?

    UPDATE: Tried a different PSU that I know 100% works fine, same problem. it keeps restarting randomly in the WinXP setup, sometimes in the "Checking your hardware configuration", sometimes in "Loading files", sometimes formatting, it's a mess.. after testing every component individually I came to the conclusion that this mobo is ded. Well.. not 100% because it posts and I can access the BIOS.. maybe it's in between
  2. Cavalry_2010

    Kinda Dead Motherboard?

    Hi! Thanks for the fast response, I will definitely try to use another PSU that I have, and try to again check the ram, currently I don't have any overclocking on this board, everything is stock, I am using integrated graphics. Already done that, for the installation media I burned a blank cd with windows xp home sp2 (idk I like it more lol), because if I use a flash drive it just says "A disk read error ocurred. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart".. soooo yeah. I'm going to try another PSU.
  3. Hello! I was wondering if someone could help me with a problem that I have with a mobo that is kinda old and kinda dead (lel).. The mobo in question is the Asrock 775i65G R2.03, physically looks good, no bad caps, no corrosion, no rust, nothing. And in fact it posts perfectly fine, I can access the BIOS and play around with it, change options, the usual stuff. However, when I try to load an OS (In this case WinXP), it resets, it reaches the "Windows XP" splash screen and resets. It's not like it turns off for a sec and then starts up again, it's like a software reset because the fans keep spining and the screen goes black and starts again. I also tried reinstalling WinXP with a CD and a new SATA HDD but it restarts at the early begining in the "Loading files..." screen or later in the "Copying files" process after formatting the hard drive. I already tried changing the ram (ram works perfectly on a similar PC), changing the proccessor, changing the cd drive and hard drive, and taking the mobo out of the case and setting it on a cardboard box, the ONLY thing that I haven't changed is the PSU sice it looks good and is somewhat new.. (But who knows, could be the problem). So any suggestions? Thanks in advance.. PS: Before someones goes out and says "Dood that is so 0ld, buy 4 new system!!!!111".. This is not going to be my daily driver, it's going to be a secondary WinXP dedicated machine :P PS2: If I wrote something wrong, forgive me. English is not my native language