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  1. So I have a Acer monitor the model is ED273 Abidpx. The colours are very washed out and i cant seem to find any good settings for it at all. I also feel its picture is very blurry when i am playing games and yes I do have it set to 144hz. Can anyone possibly find me good settings for this monitor?
  2. So my girlfriends gaming laptop will stop charging under any high CPU load for some reason. Even if shes playing a older game the laptop will start charging and then stop and keep doing it bringing up the windows prompt that its charging and it is very annoying. She currently has the Acer Nitro 5 and I wanted to know if theres any way to make it so it will keep charging even under heavy load.
  3. Okay i turned on DPOS and now its saying 1500 mhz cause i set it to 3000 should i just set it back to the 2133 ?
  4. Okay so everything is all good then id assume ?
  5. I made the DCOP 3000 mhz and now it shows this.
  6. My ram is at 2133 ? What do you mean ? Sorry I'm not very firmiliar with messing with bios. My PC says my ram is currently running at 1067 mhz but my ram is 2133mhz
  7. Yeah I have a Asus board this is what it looks like at the moment trying to get my ram to run at 2133
  8. I dont have xmp i have something called DCOP or something but idk how to set it up
  9. Yeah I think Yeah it was that i was also curious i have vengeance ram 3200 mhz but its stuck at 1067 do i need to turn on xmp in my bios ?
  10. So I was looking at my task manager while playing a game and realized it caps out at 50% is this a common issue or can someone help me ?
  11. Just curious if you can overclock the ryzen 5 2600X with the stock cooler it comes with.
  12. Okay awesome. Am i able to just wipe the drives and boot from bios with a usb drive with windows on it ?
  13. Just wondering what to do with my drives since im upgrading my mobo, cpu, ram and case.
  14. Would it be fine to just run the two fans for now until i can order a fan splitter ?
  15. Just wondering if theres enough fan connectors on this motherboard to support all the fans in the case or will i need fan splitters ?
  16. Bought a new cpu and motherboard and case but was wondering if the motherboard will support all 4 fans in the case plus the cpu fan.
  17. Okay I just wanted to mainly know if my psu and all the parts will work together. But people are telling me to buy more stuff lol .
  18. Like 550CAD after taxes I'm currently looking on PC part picker and it seems to be a lot cheaper for the parts