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  1. StrayGuitarist

    Browser with best battery life?

    I primarily use Opera to great results, it has a built-in adblocker, and supports a decent amount of extensions (That is, if you'd even want to use any). It works well on Windows 10, and I'm pretty sure it has a version for Debian. Using it on even lower-end laptops usually yields better battery life and smoother performance than Chrome, at least for me, so I'd give it a try.
  2. StrayGuitarist

    Why is PDF editing so expensive?

    Yeah! I used to use my Macbook Pro for that, but it died recently and I haven't had the money to replace it. It's a shame, I love MacOS dearly.
  3. StrayGuitarist

    Why is PDF editing so expensive?

    And it'll be a lifesaver once I can pick one to subscribe to. I know LTT has been sponsored by PIA, but, do you have any experience with them?
  4. StrayGuitarist

    Why is PDF editing so expensive?

    Yeah, it's pretty assy. This is why I try to support competition (when the competition is good) and prevent monopoly like this. I would too if my ISP didn't threaten to shut down my service, so there's no real way out for me.
  5. StrayGuitarist

    Question about ram upgrade

    I'd wait until you buy the laptop and see if you even really notice that bottleneck before deciding if you need to upgrade it. You might get it and not notice any issue at all. However, in the case that you DO feel you've gotta upgrade, I would recommend purchasing 2x8GB instead of mixing a 16gb and 8gb stick, I've had nasty experiences when mixing RAM sizes. If you're going to mix brands, though, make sure both sticks you're buying have the same specs (Including speed!), the manufacturer's stick should have a little sticker on it with its specs.
  6. All I wanna do is edit some character sheets for my tabletop game, but Adobe Acrobat is either part of a $15/mo subscription plan (WITH AN ANNUAL CONTRACT, $22 WITHOUT), or a 1-time purchase for 300 dollars! Why!? Even alternative programs average about $99. Why is it that I can get a free program that can handle almost any video file flawlessly (VLC Media player), a free program that can uncompress almost any compressed package, and compress files with extensive options and various formats (7-Zip), but when I just want to put a name on a character sheet, it's $300.
  7. StrayGuitarist

    Advice needed - Graphics Card choice for sub-$700 build

    No problem!
  8. StrayGuitarist

    Advice needed - Graphics Card choice for sub-$700 build

    Personally, I would stick with the card you have already, as the card you're looking at trading for (The RX 580 model you pointed out) doesn't have much of an increase in performance over the RX 570 you're using now. I'd say to mail in that rebate and get to gaming on your rig! And in terms of your build, I'd say it's quite well matched, you've got an AMD graphics card and processor, so you aren't bottlenecking yourself there, you've got a good motherboard with built-in Wi-Fi, and a decent amount of RAM to drive everything else. I'd recommend to keep everything as-is for now.
  9. StrayGuitarist

    Help with video card upgrade

    Would leaving the antennas of my card inside of the case, and extra length of the cable put any negative impact on performance?
  10. Hello, those of the LTT community forums, I've got a bit of an inquiry. I built a rather small computer (picture attached) a while back. It's got a Gigabyte F2A68HM-H motherboard, 8 GB of DDR3 RAM, and an AMD A8-7650K working both as my CPU, and graphics.. solution. My issue is that I want to install a dedicated graphics card-- I bought the APU when I first built the PC knowing that it'd be enough for playing what I want until I could save up to buy a proper card. However, any card better, or even on-par with the specs of my APU would take up two slots, interfering with my Wi-Fi card. (Also shown in a attached picture.) A wired connection isn't an option, as I built my computer compact specifically to make it easy for taking to LAN parties. (And I don't want to bring a long ethernet cable to slink across my friends' houses.) Does anybody know of any options I could use to install both a graphics card that would take up two slots, and a Wi-Fi solution capable of gaming online?
  11. Meow.


    I play TF2, the Pokemon TCG, am a freelance guitarist, and otherwise a rather nerdy cat.

    Oh, look at the tine-- I've got to osmose my afternoon milk-- DM me if you want to speak further.