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  1. ok, so i have an itx computer, and the case air flow sucks, literally everything thermal throttles in the case so i'm now relying on external cooler since there are only two case fan header on itx motherboads, so i'm starting with GPU. The GPU's problem got solved bu putting two 120mm mining case fans which took both of the case fan header on motherboard that's why i said noise is not a problem since those are alread extremely loud, now it's PSU and not it's CPU and PSU, the PSU was cooled by an external 1500rpm 120mm, and it's now to cool CPU, the CPU has a 92mm 2500rpm 12 bladed heatsink that's only rated 100W TDP, so i'm thinking of putting the same external fan onto the CPU, so would it help cooling get better? cpu's fan's 40CFM btw
  2. you can go into bios and set cpu voltage to 1.2v, if it would boot, try to set it even lower by little bit every time, if it won't, try to increase it till it boots. for hard ware, i would definately change the fan, if you dont want to void ur warranty, buy an external usb case fan like what i did
  3. i'm going to buy a case fan for the pc, and there are two options, one is 2500rpm 92mm, and one of them is 1500rpm 120mm, which one of them would cool the pc better? i don't care about the noise it makes.
  4. the PCIe ones i mean 7120 is the one im going to get
  5. ik, i have an itx, but does xeon phi work on z390?
  6. just built a new computer, and found out terragen does not use gpu, instead, it used CPU and al ost eveytime, they cpu thermal throttles and i thought i could use xeon phi, so would it work with Z390? it said it would work with motherboard above 4G decoding, what does that mean
  7. Thx for answering me that. Have a nice day and happy new year!
  8. It’s a cryorig c7 I think it’s the first or last one
  9. CPU fan’s rgb light cuz the power connector and rgb are different and it seems like a 4pin header on the rgb(4x1 not 2x2)
  10. i know the way to shut all the capacitors, unplug the psu and power the pc on, repeat it many times and it would clear all power left from the PSU, but what size of fan does a PSU need? 120mm? 70mm? my one's a sfx L
  11. right i didnt look at other sites, cuz i only used amazon, which is about 90bucks more
  12. thx so much for answering those questions for mw, have a good day!
  13. vega 56 have why higher power consumption and comes higher price than 1660 super, for me RX 590 woud be better sin they are on the same price in canadian and american market, in chinese market the AMD cards are much more cheaper than Nvidia cards at 200 cad and 400 cad and right the SSD is m.2 but not NVMe