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  1. Protocol37

    Beating the ceiling

    Hi all, I recently purchased Lenovo's IdeaPad 720s 13. It's the Ryzen 5 model. There are two reasons why I bought it, the specs and the price. The specs are unbeatable at the price which was $494 US. When researching it, I came across people having issues getting it to bench what the hardware suggests it should bench at. There are two theories. One was that the RAM is single channel and therefore causing issues with the CPU/GPU in performance. The other was that it has a hard ceiling at 71 C, which it then begins to throttle and will not stop throttling until rebooted or cooldown. There's not much I can do about the RAM, but I feel I can definitely look into this temp ceiling. So I'm thinking about tackling the following things. 1. There must be something either on the motherboard or the Bios that's throttling the CPU/GPU at 71 C. 2. I'm going to look at the heatsink performance, fit and probably re-paste it, although I'm not really confident in applying liquid metal to it. 3. I saw on the HP Spectre that they used insulation around the Fans so that the only air it pulled in was through the vents. I'll also look into the make and model of the fans to see if there's anything better out there. Anyways. I'll put my findings in here and if anyone who happens to read this has any input, that would be great! Proto.
  2. Protocol37

    Home LAN design

    Hi There, Just get yourself a managed level 2 switch and your good to do what you want. Although most routers, even the ones that ISPs give you, have the ability to give separate Wifi SSIDS. Or you could get your self a level 3 switch, and you can do everything from it. I hope this helps.
  3. Protocol37

    Dell P55F not Booting

    Hi There! Booting to black screen can be many things. It could be power, it could be a recent update, it could be a corrupt driver. Maybe try booting windows into recovery mode and see if it will boot without into safe mode. Or you could see if there is a recovery date that is before any updates. thanks,
  4. Protocol37

    THE DIVISION 2 - stuttering

    Hi there! Well, you could try all of the normal suspects like making sure you Nvidia Drivers are up to date and windows is too. As the division 2 just came out and might be a little buggy, this can also happen, specially with AMD Chips. Are you having this issue with any other game?
  5. Hi there, You could try flashing the Bios and make sure you put the CMOS jumper back in the right place. If not you might need to consult the Mobo Manafacturer..
  6. Protocol37

    On Board RAM

    Hi! Anything that creates and holds heat in a system will need to have it dissipated somehow. In a computer, specially with faster more channeled ram, RAM being used constantly can get quite hot. The debate on "If it's needed or not" aside, I would still like to see if anyone has seen anything or come up with anything. thanks for the reply!!
  7. Protocol37

    Windows 10 doesn't get to orbs, stuck at logo

    Hi there, This can happen often with Operating Systems. Sometimes there's an update or sometimes something didn't save right or you have a corrupt driver. The quickest way out of this would be to reinstall windows. You can do this many ways without having to loose a lot of you files. You can reset the PC. You can install a new version of windows on top of the current version of windows so you can access the old version of windows and your stuff. You can delete the windows partition and make a fresh one. What's your experience on installing/re-installing windows?
  8. Protocol37

    Windows 7 - HP 2560P - Cant turn off or restart

    Hi there, Well, it does seem like this is software related. I think this might be a Driver issues, but it could also be a Bios issue. I would recommend updating the Bios. I did a quick search for you and found that the Bios update can fix issue with the Battery and Returning from sleep. These are all tied in to the process of turning off and restarting. https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03333068 I hope this helps. If not maybe go to SP2? Protocl37
  9. Protocol37

    On Board RAM

    Hi all, So. My new laptop is arriving on Tuesday and I've been looking at what new thermal paste I'm going to put on it when it gets here. While I was watching a 'teardown' video of the same model on Youtube, I noticed that the on board RAM was just sitting there, no cover, no shield and with no cooling solution at all. Seeing RAM bare like that is not an uncommon sight, specially when you think of desktop RAM. In a Desktop though, the motherboard is cooled by the internal temperature of the case and this brings down the temp of the RAM. Realising that this wouldn't be the case in the Laptop, I started to see if there was any universal cooling solution for on Board RAM on a Laptop. This search has not been met with success, other than thinking about just putting some cooling pads right across the top of them (although this seems a bit on the Genky side). Do any of you know of a universal cooling solution for Laptop Mobos and RAM that don't have cooling? thanks, Protocol37 PS. Laptop is Asus Pro B9440