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  1. The one thing one should never forget is the budget and I forgot to add it. As I said earlier I can put 100 to the side each month but I don't want to spend more than 350 to 360€ for a graphics card. My budget is basically that and free games don't really matter too much to me as I have plenty of games that I cannot play at an acceptable framerate without the game looking like mud.
  2. Hey guys, I've been looking to upgrade my GPU. I built my PC in December of 2017 with what was basically "available" to me. Even though I had a job during that time (I took some time off after having graduated in June 2017 to start studying at a uni in the summer semester) I couldn't get the GPU I, necessarily, wanted/needed. My build came up to 835 or 875€ in total. This was also the during the time of the big hype and attention around cryptocurrency. I know that people always advise others to buy cheap used parts but as legit of a "strategy" that is, I don't really like it myself (a bit of stubbornness really). That build hasn't really changed at all except upgrading the two 4 GB sticks of Samsung RAM to two 8 GB Corsair Vengeance RGB (not pro, the "old" model with the metal fence on top of it). Back then it was more than sufficient for the games I played as I also had and still have my Xbox One (traded in at GameStop for the One X Division 2 bundle) for other games that I don't want to play on PC. To not make this post too long, the GPU I have atm is the MSI Aero ITX 1050. Even though this card comes OC from the manufacturer itself, 2 GB of RAM is not sufficient for me or rather for the games I play. This becomes very apparent in games like Batman Arkham Knight or even in newer titles like Apex Legends. Those two only work mid to low settings (Apex works on some high settings on 40 to 60 FPS but 60 is the outlier) but while they work, they don't look good as they should (first world problems, I know). Now, I don't know really know which of the three cards (1060 6GB, RTX 2060 or 1660/TI) I should buy. Spec-wise I should be pretty good: i5-7500 16 GB DDR4 RAM 550W 80+ Gold Corsair TXM PSU if the mobo is of any importance --> Asus Prime Z270-K 1080p gaming, single monitor. I tend to lean toward the 1060 and 1660 (Ti) because I don't know whether "ray traces" would make such a huge impact in gaming for me that it would justify buying that one. Money itself is not that big an issue as I can set off 100€ to the side each month and I'm in no rush that I absolutely must have either of the three by tomorrow. Oh, almost forgot. The build is not an ITX build despite having the ITX 150, it's just the best I could afford with the money I had left but 6 GB is a must.
  3. I just tried to reinstall the driver and checked the graphics settings once more, changed them to a lower res and back to 1080p but it's still blurry on discord or in games.
  4. Hey all, about two hours ago I turned on my PC but for whatever reason, it didn't turn on properly and, as the title suggests, it left me on the "Press F1 to run setup" POST screen. I have tried basically anything with my own knowledge, I googled for some advice but to no avail. This is how my screen looks btw https://imgur.com/a/nzYQIyM. I didn't touch anything inside my PC, I also didn't drop it nor did I do anything else to it. Also, no new parts installed except a RAM upgrade from 2x4 to 2x8 GB of RAM but that was 3 months back and didn't cause any issues whatsoever. All drivers etc. are on the latest version and I did basically anything that I can think of. I updated the firmware to its latest version a while ago ( through a USB stick and the bios via the internet within the EZ flash utility in the bios to 1207 (this one is not available on Asus' website for some reason. I didn't take a picture of the very first POST screen but today, it happened again and this time I took a picture https://imgur.com/a/j23ttFn. Yesterday, I tried changing the resolution in the windows settings, after that didn't work I tried changing it in the Nvidia Control panel but neither of them worked. My PC is also not overheating as all 4 CPU cores are at 30 to 35°C and my GPU is at around 24°C in idle according to MSI Afterburner. Is there something else that I could do? My PC Specs: Win 10 Home 64bit on the latest build 1809 Asus Prime Z270-K mobo Intel i5-7500 CPU 16 GB Corsair Vengeance RGB RAM MSI Geforce GTX 1050 Aero ITX 2G OC graphics card 550W Corsair TX550M PSU Edit: It gets worse especially after being in a game but it's only blurry on places other the desktop itself (https://imgur.com/a/zJu63tM). On the desktop, or when I'm in chrome it's pretty clear but within games, it's somewhat acceptable but gets worse after having done something like clearing a level or playing a match.