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  1. Samsung claim that the quantum dot delivers more brighter colours. So perhaps where this monitor would usually fall short it may not now? I feel as though it could be the best choice for both editing and gaming over any other, However I'm still torn with the idea of the 38" LG, the 3840x1600 is impressive and I can't help but wonder how it would compare to the 3440x1440. But is it really worth the extra £300?
  2. Will be a gtx 1080 This isn't an ips panel though, I've been advised to get an ips. Does it really matter?
  3. Thanks for your reply, Looking for no smaller than 34" and no bigger than 38" Budget is £1000 but any below that would be a bonus. I'm sure 75hz would be good enough. I'd like to avoid 1080p and go for something with a bigger resolution. I have been looking at the following 3: LG 38UC99 (3840×1600) 5 milliseconds response 75hz AMD freesync, ips, 99% SRGB LG 34UC99 (3440x1440) 14 milliseconds response time 75hz AMD freesync, ips. 99% SRGB Samsung LC34F791WTUXEN (3440x1440) 4 milliseconds response time 100hz AMD freesync. LED quantum dot. 125% SRGB colour space My main focus is for video and picture editing. Colours are crucial, however I do spend a lot of time gaming. Thanks
  4. Hi all, I have searched and searched for the best ultrawide monitor, I do a lot of video editing and my plan is to replace my imac with a pc build capable of both gaming and editing. Does anyone on here do a lot of editing that can recommend a good ultrawide? Most of the ones I've been looking at are 60hz which for gaming is a bit mehhh. Preferably I'd like an ips panel as I've read the colour is more accurate. Is there such thing as a perfect editing panel aswel as gaming? Thanks Myles