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  1. yeah i mean this has a warrenty till december so it should be good. i just like haveing a system that can handle stuff for like the next 3 years at max.
  2. so is it worth upgrade a gigabyte 1080 winforce ? if so what would you upgrade it to?
  3. well playing control on everything maxed out, gpu is hitting 99% and im getting between 60-63 fps. im just using the bottleneck caluclator and its telling me that betwecuase i upgraded my cpu its bottle necking more.
  4. Curious as to why i started bittlenecking more when i upgraded from a Amd 2600x to a 3600 and have a Gigabyte 1080 WInforce.
  5. well AMD approved my warrenty. had showed them pics and everything.
  6. but will the 4000 be able to run on the B450-f ?
  7. is it worth to upgrade to a 3600 from a 2600x ?
  8. yeah thats what i am telling them, hopefully ill get a response soon. i have a 2600x currently. plus these go for around $100 on ebay broken or so. no biggie.
  9. for $80 its worth it, if it doesnt work i can still sell it and make a profit.
  10. i was told it works perfectly but the slots 2 and 4 dont work for dual channel. or shtopped working for dual channel.
  11. sorry i should ask so which one is the broken pin hahah
  12. What does that mean? if you dont mind me asking?
  13. well AMD hasnt ruled out RMA thankfully
  14. i hear good things with my b450-f and gskill ram