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  1. The Mortar Titanium ones are more silver than white. I have seen the NZXT boards but they're a black motherboard with a big white frame over them. The appeal of the MSI board is it's the only (from what I can find) board that is a TRULY white board. Plus, the board isn't for me it's a gift for a friend who really wants the MSI one. Thank you for the suggestions though! I appreciate the help :)
  2. I've seen the second hand boards on there, Ideally i'm trying to get a boxed one with the original packaging
  3. Greetings all, Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, I cannot post in the classifieds so didn't know where else to turn. I am DESPERATELY trying to source a BNIB (or at best, very good condition used in original packaging) MSI B360 Gaming Arctic motherboard for Intel (see attached pic for reference). I know they are discontinued by MSI, and I have tried everywhere I can think of to get a hold of one in the original boxing but to no avail. I have even emailed MSI directly to try and buy one if they had any residual stock left over, and you wonderful people of the LTT forums are my last hope. I'm more than happy to pay full shipping and import costs to the UK plus the price of the board to get one sent over. A dear friend of mine is building their dream rig (full white build) and no other manufacturer makes truly white motherboards anymore (not counting that NZXT board with the huge plastic frame covering an all black mobo). PLEASE if anyone on here has one, or even if by some strange chance there is one at LTT unused I am very much willing to buy it to help my friend achieve their dreams of the perfect build. Thank you for reading