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  1. Sweet, I've just gone for a mixed dorm. Much cheaper, I arrive on the evening of Thursday 25th. If you're looking to chill/head to the con with someone I'd be down. It'll be likely there's more people staying at Samesun going to LTX. Feel free to DM me
  2. @Austinjh I'll be staying at the same hostel!
  3. Infensus

    Longest Distance Travelling

    @AbysmalCraig Scotland same as you it seems, pretty far, but people will be coming from further away
  4. Any headphones should be perfectly safe as long as you listen at a volume which is low enough to not damage your hearing. I work with sound and know sound techs, we use over-ear headphones all day, every day, provided they are comfortable and of decent enough quality you should be absolutely fine.
  5. Infensus

    Where is everyone staying? Looking for places.

    I'm travelling from the UK, booked into a hostel called Samesun on Granville Street, near Yaletown I believe. An 18-minute walk from the convention google says. Good reviews and very cheap, and hopefully not too sketchy. If anyone knows the area and can give any advice do let me know. Also if anyone else staying near there or in the vicinity and is heading to the con, it would be great to meet and chill
  6. Guy 22, travelling solo from the UK, would totally be down for meeting some people at the convention. Perhaps a group of us solo travellers could just meet up outside the convention centre and chill together for the day/both days. Following the thread
  7. Infensus

    LTX 19 From United Kingdom

    I'm coming from Scotland myself. I arrive in Vancouver on the 25th, travelling alone so would be great to meet up with more UK folks at the con. Feel free to hit me up with your plans,