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  1. My laptop (my only computer) is pretty old and was getting slow a couple years back, I had a theory that Linux would run a bit better, it didn't change much but I got used to Ubuntu and have enjoyed it after learning some commands, how to find my way around, etc. I don't really have any interest in going back to Windows. This being said, I don't play many games, mostly just Binding of Isaac these days, so I've yet to run into any compatibility issues.
  2. I use my volume buttons more often than I use my sound manager. Also, brightness. I don't really use the pause and skip buttons, they rarely work for some reason so I kinda just forget they're there.
  3. Just to be clear, you do mean multiple games yeah? Any specifics? If it's just one or two games, it may be possible it's issues with their servers. For awhile I'd get lots of rubberbanding in Rocket League even with very low ping, turns out it was a server issue. Also, how long have you had this issue? Is this something new?