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    GPU not working

    Hey guys, So, I recently switched to a meshify case as well as a liquid cooler. The power draw according to PC partpicker is about 350 watts, and my PSU is a 550-watt gold power supply. The graphics card is a 1070 EVGA graphics card. The graphics card was working fine and displaying to my monitor correctly. Then I switched to the new case and it is turning on the RGB lights but the fans are not spinning. Another thing to note is that the monitor is no longer recognizing the GPU. I have not modified the GPU so I might send it back to NVIDIA and get a new better one, and it is under warranty. I do not know what is happening as I tried replugging every thing in and then the liquid cooler stopped working. Here is a link to my build on PC part picker: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/pTbCRJ Thank you for any advice.