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    M.2 NVMe Storage recommendations/advice

    Haha youve still got 60% left at least! haha, just had a look while doing an import and DNG convert in lightroom, cpu 100% memory 14 out of 16 Gb with out much else happening in the background.Think ill still go with at least 32 gb with room to upgrade to 64 later.
  2. Warezy

    M.2 NVMe Storage recommendations/advice

    Thanks discovered LTT while researching some PC components and got hooked on some of the crazy tech projects. Thinking of salvaging the working bits of some of the computers the died and doing a mini gaming pc or something after the main PCs are build. Budget for the full pcs around 3000 AUD at the moment, but still waiting on final insurance settlement value for the dead PCs before i know if i can push it any higher. Im in Australia so from what i understand we get a pretty big Australia tax on hardware and electronics. From what i understand Photoshop is a bit of a memory hog and will take as much memory as you can give it. Some of the tasks i do in photoshop are fairly heavy, aligning, blending 60+ RAW photos, time lapses with hundreds of RAW (~40 MB each) photos (although ill probably move to a video editing program for that when I decide on one which might be more efficient) Ive currently got a PC that i can use, although its not ideal, I might stay with for a while and wait till the new AMD CPUs hit, then compare then with the intel options. At the moment i was leaning towards Intel because adobe software currently makes better use of a higher clock speed than more cores (except for export functions, which i typically just let run while i go do something else).
  3. Hey Im working on a new workstation/gaming build after a fire took out 2 desktops and a laptop. Its been a while since I did a pc build (2013 to be exact) so trying to wrap my head around the new NVMe M.2 drives and (with appropriate amounts of LTT). The pc will be used for heavy light-room and Photoshop use, with a modest amount of gaming. My main question would be what is the best configuration to set up the storage. Current spare components: Already have 6 x 500 GB 85 evo SSDS 1 Intel 540s 1T SSD 3 intel 540s 490 GB SSD HDD for long term storage New computer build plan: i7 9700k RTX 2070 windforce 32 GB 3200 MHz Ram (2x16GB) Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro WiFi or Ultra Motherboard Deep rock 4 or deep rock pro 4 cpu cooler. Corsair RM750x 750W 80 Plus V2 Gold Fractal designs s2 meshify case Initially i was considering just using the SSDs I have on hand to save some $$. Running one 500 GB SSD for the operating system + instaled files, a 500 GB SSD for my games library and the 1 T SSD to store my Adobe applications, current light room catalogue and photos (Correct me if im wrong but i believe having the applications, catalogue and the images all one the one drive gives a bit of a performance boost?). My budget probably wont let me go overboard on multiple M.2 NVMe drives, how ever i can afford one 1T Samsung 970 evo plus m.2 or two intel 660p drives (256 GB and 1T). Given the SSD drives I already have, is it worth spending the extra an the M.2, how would you implement it into the build for the best performance increase, particularly for photo/video editing? Would you go with the m.2 for the operating system drive, then have lightroom and photoshop on the OS drive as well (or the os on the 256GB drive and photography stuff on the second 1T one if i go with 2x Intel 660p). Any other configurations or options to consider? If i understand things correctly, when the M.2 is connected to the MB it uses up 2 SATA 3 ports, leaving me with only 2 SATA ports left if i get two intel m.2 drives? Does the M.2 give a significant boost to lightroom/photoshop performance or should i stick with the SSDs for now (possibly spend the budget for the m.2s on an upgrade to a RTX 2080). Other build suggestions welcomed. Cheers