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  1. Yeah, as you say i wait about 15 minutes, ant i cant get even onto bios during that time
  2. Hey guys, since 2 weeks ago i start having a problem with my pc, the frist week te pc stuck on the asus logo, so, i unplug all the sata cables and go into bios, then i plug the cables and restart, windows finally boot and everything went well with the pc turned on, i had to do that at least 3 times in the past week, but this week just unplugin the sata wasn't enought , this time i had to unplug the gpu just to get into the bios, if i didn't unplug it the pc just still stuck on the asus logo, then i reconect all the stuff just to get windows to boot This are my specs - intel core i7 6700 -asus b150 pro gaming aura -16gb ram corsair vengance pro 2666Mz - EVGA geforce gtx 1070 sc -the PSU is an EVGA 600w 80 I don't have an sdd , so, i use a 7 years old 500g hdd si this might be the problem but honestly i don't now Thanks for your time!!