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  1. my on the case i linked i can take 1fan and put my h80i on it
  2. i have 1 fan on the h80i maybe get another fan? duno if thats possible
  3. my h80i v2 is clean i checked last month so i should be fine
  4. im not overclocked but the case is agianst the wall ( not fully ) but maybe its better the mount it in the front but my case is a case of scrapyard war full metal no real ventalation so im locking for a new case really
  5. https://tweakers.net/pricewatch/1275815/sharkoon-tg4-(rgb-leds).html if i get this case can i attach my h80i v2 in the front?
  6. can i cool the i7 6800 with air? a hyper evo 212?
  7. en what is the best case to put a radiator in the front?
  8. hi, i have a 6800k with a h80i that is getting quite hot when im playing league of legends im sitting at 70 c with the fans spinning at 2160 rpm so i need a update i guess, can you guys advice me? greetz